Yoanna House

  1. I think she looks amazing in these photos.

    yoanna7.jpg yoanna5.jpg yoanna4.jpg

    its nice to see someone from ANTM actually modeling!
  2. I like her a lot, I think she's beautiful. :heart: It is really nice to see her modeling! :yes:
  3. I always thought she was the most beautiful of all the winners of ANTM. A very classic beauty like Christy Turlington or Linda Evangelista.

    Am I the only one that misses those supermodel days. I just always thought those women were so incredibly beautiful. Other worldly. I always wanted to see them and not a celebrity on the covers of Vogue and Elle. JMHO.;)
  4. She has flawless refined face features, not so common in nowdays. I'm glad she's on the runway, she always want it, I remember from ANTM.
  5. gorgeous girl!
  6. love her with long hair.. reminds me of greek goddess... andd she seems like she has such a great personality.. on the look for less
  7. She was my favorite on ANTM. She does look really beautiful.
  8. i'm always stunned by how flawless and beautiful that girl's face is. if anyone has every deserved to be a model, it's her.
  9. Beautiful! She has a very classy look to her.
  10. She's stunning and she's my favorite ANTM winner out of all the seasons. She's the only one out of all the winners who has the model face. I saw her at H&M once and she's so beautiful in person. You can tell she's a model by the way she looks and she's sooooo tall.
  11. Stunning! I totally agree with you all and she definitely deserved to win.
  12. That is a truely beautiful girl.
  13. I love her too. I epecially liked her with the funky short haircut she got during the show.. This pic of her is my favorite~
  14. Glad to see she's modeling away unlike some of the ANTM winners.....
  15. I hated her on 'The Look For Less'...