Yo yo 85: Sizing question

  1. ladies,
    jsut wondering i know some of u guys have the yoyo 85 peep toe shoes...do u think u had to size up or tts?? i usually wear a 36.5 and have the yoyo 85 in black in 36.5 which is fine, but if i could get a good deal on a 37 do u think it will stilll work?? ladies what u think? thx
  2. Another 1/2 size difference is pretty cureable with Foot Petals, insole inserts, etc.
  3. I say go for it. I have them in 40 & 40.5, and the 40.5 fits me better. It's better to have a little more space because you can always use inserts.
  4. Depends on how good the deal is. I wear a 36.5 in the Yoyo as well and when i tried on the 37 in the store I thought it was quite big. I find the 1/2 size difference is harder to make up in the open toes compared to a close toe but it might work with a thicker gel type insole..
  5. i wear a 41.5 in close toes cl's and 41 in open toe, however i will buy 42 in a closed to if thats all they have and a 41.5 in open toe although i have VP's in 41.5 and they were fine at first but after a few wears they fal off my feet
  6. I sized up a whoe size in these. Good luck!
  7. ^^ITA. I have them and had to size up but then they kept slipping so i add the gel geel guard and they fit perfectly
  8. I am 1/2 smaller in the open-toed shoes than the closed toed shoes. I think because I have very long toes.
  9. Questions for the both of you:
    Why did you size up....is the toe box too tight?
    How is the sizing compared to the Simple 85?

    I want to get the YoYo but don't know what size to get them in....
  10. I wear a 40.5 in the YoYos, whether they be patent leather, python, etc. I agree with xnplo, if the shoe is a half size too large, this can more than likely be fixed with a heel grip and/or a ball of foot pad
  11. yes the toe box was a tight fit...my feet were gonna go on strike:lol: as for the simples not sure how they compare...i have never tried on a pair:sweatdrop:
  12. LOL!
    Thanks for the reply. I have the YoYo 85 Grease Paint on hold in the same size I take on the Simple 85. My size for CL varies so much, it's frustrating ordering on line (and I'm too lazy to drive to the store :shame:smile:.