YJRU/UPC Code Request Pretty Please!

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  1. As you guys know I am trying to update the reference thread and I want to try and make all the information as accurate as I possibly can! :smile:

    Several older charms that I've purchased have been missing their YJRU codes and I'd like to have them to post with my charms if possible. If anyone has any of these can they please share!!

    I need the YJRU---- and the year of production would be helpful, either the L/NS- or the last number on the 6 digit code on the right hand side of the label, also the original price.

    Here are the codes I am missing so far:


    Thanks so much in advance!! :biggrin:
  2. Crud, I wish I could help you on the one with the blue stone but it came on one of my full bracelets so it didn't have a number!

    Also, if anyone can help me on the YJRU number for the blue duck and the royal flush cards charm, I'd be SO grateful too! I messaged adam on ebay about the one on theirs, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet.
  3. tup-here's the code for the surfboard-YJRU0002.
  4. Yay!! Thanks dolllover!! =)

    LV - I wish I could help you, hopefully someone will be able to!!
  5. Lol thanks, me too! Adam got back to me and the box they have for that charm isn't tagged soooo...I still need the number. He did ask to see pics of mine though because he wanted to see how the clasp could reattach. :P

    So my little list for codes needed is:
    *Blue Rubber Duckie
    *Royal Flush Cards
  6. royal flush is YJRU0122
  7. Yay, thank you so much! Now I can put it back in the orignal box finally lol.
  8. Oh, I also thought of another one, I really need to get it put back in the right box because it's fragile...I'd love to know the style number for the mother of pearl guitar if anyone has it. Also, the cherry pie...

    So now...
    *Blue Rubber Duckie
    *Mother of Pearl Guitar
    *Cherry Pie
  9. blue rubber duckie: YJRU0854
    mother of pearl guitar: YJRU0125
    cherry pie: YJRU0486
  10. tuptake:

    BLUE BUBBLE GUM MACHINE- YJRU0372 (pretty sure this is right)
  11. I think this is for the other surfboard, not the butterfly one..
  12. Ooh awesome, thank you! Now to hunt down the boxes. I'll get them together eventually lol.
  13. Duh, I posted the wrong code for the surfboard... I have the flower one!

    Thanks guys for all the help! Now I can post my charms! =)
  14. Ok 2 more, if possible...the fawn and the Truth or Dare spinner (with the bottle in the middle). Thanks!
  15. LV - my fawn's box is YJRU0830. I got it from ADASA but this was back when the charm name wasn't on the box.