YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEE! Moncler Spy Arrived!!!!

  1. And it's Michelin Man Love all the way!!!

    This baby arrived beautifully packaged and boxed, but MAAAAAAN! did it reek at first. I was overwhelemed by the smell of plastic coming from the very cute "snow filled" dust bag.

    And now I present to you, my Moncler Spy. :wlae: (please pardon crappy pics and hideous mirror. Don't have too many fine mirror choices in my office....)




    bags 012.jpg bags 014.jpg bags 016.jpg bags 017.jpg
  2. Beautiful!!!! very nice!
  3. Deco you look absolutely stunning with your new spy goes really well with your boots.

    Just think my friend you can take a 10min cat-nap in your lunch break and use this as a pillow. Brilliant.......
  4. congrats, so happy for you :biggrin:
  5. Congrats - matches your outfit today perfectly
  6. congrat!!!!!!!! wow, looks really great on you, thanks for sharing the pics!!!!!
    mine is coming next monday, you make me look forward to it :smile: thx
  7. I love it in black! Congrats!
  8. Me likey a LOT!! Congrats Deco!!:yahoo:
  9. Congratulations.
  10. Puffy! Congratulations Decophile! Mine has also arrived, I've named it the Stay Puft Marshallow Man from Ghosbusters!
    It looks fabulous on you!
  11. Your spy looks great on you, it's making me think I really NEED to get a full size spy, I just feel too short for one and it looked so big on me when I tried it on last time.

    Deco, if you don't mind me asking, how tall are you?

    Congrats on your lovely spy!!!
  12. Saich, this was my thought exactly - Deco this looks soooo wonderfully soft and smooshy like a pillow!

    Congrats on the new bag - it's black, yes? It doesn't look so bad on you and your modelling pics. I think when standing alone in the Elux pictures it looked far too shiny. It looks just right on you! :love:
  13. I like it. It looks much better than at the store when it's all stuffed up.
  14. Deco - I am so glad that you're happy with your Moncler! It looks so plumpy and snuggly. It makes me sleepy. ;)
  15. Congrats Decophile. =)