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  1. Ok, the obsession has been fueled! Hubby today just told me "I'm so tired of hearing about this Louie dude! Louie this, Louie that..ENOUGH! Pick two purses you can't live without now, order them and promise me I won't hear the name 'Louie' until your birthday in May."

    Hehehehe...so I just ordered the Papillon 26 Vachetta and the Pochette Accessoires on eluxury.com

    I think he enjoyed watching me squirm and pick just two! I can't wait until it gets here!

    And for the meantime, while I'm around him, it's going to be "Louie who?" ;)
  2. congrats! and remember to post pic... he's sweet... my hubby hears me saying that everyday but never offer to buy me any bag! haha...
  3. lol!! :smile: i'm happy for you!
  4. congrats......... don't forget to post pics, pics we likey......
  5. Congrats! and welcome!
  6. Yay!!! That's so awesome! Those are great bags! please post piccies when you get them!:yahoo:
  7. That's great...congrats!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats!!!! Maybe one of these days LV will come to Sac.....
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. Aww, congrats!
  12. Yay~congrats!!!
  13. haha wow congrats!
  14. OMG! That is fab! My husband just had a talk with me that he doesn't agree that I buy bags...GREAT for you!:yahoo: wish I were you:crybaby:
  15. Congrats! You have a very generous hubby.
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