1. Arent they gorgeous :biggrin:
  2. yes ...soo beautiful :smile:
  3. GREAT choices they look really good!!!!!!
  4. WOW! Yummy! Post a pic wearing please!
  5. really cool!
  6. Beautiful pieces!:heart:
  7. I love that bag!! Great choices!
  8. Beautiful!! I also have the MC Priscilla and I :heart: it. Congrats!!
  9. yep, very pretty! :biggrin:
  10. they look great together :biggrin:
  11. Yes, very gorgeous. Congrats!
  12. aw thanks i loves it too.. :love:

    *damn i needs to lose weight*
  13. Fantastic
  14. congrats!
  15. No way, you look great!

    Lovely couple, enjoy!
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