Yippie Roak

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  1. :yahoo:I got a buddy!!! I can't wait to go shopping for you!!!
  2. oh, how exciting!
  3. Haven't gotten mine yet and I can't wait.....I'm so excited!!
  4. I got my buddy to! this is gonna be fun!:yahoo:
  5. I'm soooo excited!! I'm going out of town to a place that has GOOD stores next week and will be able to buy stuff there!!
  6. I just got mine too!:yahoo:

    I am SO excited! I didn't participate last RAOK, so this is my first one!:yes:

    This is going to be so much fun!
  7. This is my first RAOK and I am so excited! I can't wait to start sending fun things my buddy's way. I hope everyone has a great time with this. :yahoo:
  8. yay! got mine too..!!
  9. I got my buuuuddy...I got my buuudddy...you are one lucky gal, cause I have been stocking up since
    April and I love to shop!
    Can't wait to send out my first package!!! :wlae:
  10. ME TOO!! :biggrin: :yahoo:
  11. Yes, got mine too and just re-read your bio so I'm mentally ticking off all the things that will be fun to find.
  12. I copied and pasted my buddy's list so I'll have it to reference at all times when I'm out shopping!:yes:
  13. My 'Roak buddy sent me a e-card!! this is exciting as my last Roak buddy ditched me so to have just an e-card means so much!!

    Thank you whoever you are!!
  14. awesome idea, how nice of your buddy!
  15. My buddy didn't have a list YET.. but when you do i'll be printing it out! don't worry! Please hurry and put it on! i'm excited and impatient!:woohoo: