Yippie!!!! I'm finally gonna join the Speedy club!!

  1. I'm so excited everyone:P :P , in about an hour I'm gonna go to the LV store...to finally buy a SPEEDY in DAMIER!!! I'm gonna try on both the 25 and 30 to see which one suits me....or maybe the mono...wait no, I want the DAMIER that i've been lusting after forever :love: :love: ...I will post pics after my shopping adventure today!! This is will be my bday present to myself!!;) ;) yippee!! I'm so excited!!!
  2. CONGRATS! Its such a beautiful bag, it will last u forever! Post pics! XXX
  3. Hurry, it is Sunday and some stores close early.
  4. I know!! I'm gonna leave soon the mall closes at 7!
  5. Congrats in advance! I can't wait to see what you decide on!
  6. YAY!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  7. Congrats! I keep going back and forth between Mono and Damier too. :lol: I just got a Saleya a few weeks ago so I don't need another Damier but the 25 is just so cute. :biggrin:
  8. Good luck, hope you find what your looking for!!
  9. Congrats! The speedy is an excellent choice!
  10. Need your help.

    I just called Louis Vuitton and they told me that the prices of LV's are going up 5-15%. I wanted a Speedy 30 for awhile not but the Damier's are out until Tuesday. So the SA told me that I could purchase a Mono today and exchange it for the Damier this Tuesday. They will honor the same price .. so wohoo to that.

    But now, I am confused which one to get. I have the Alma, Musette and Pochette in Mono. I really wanted a different line but then the speedy looks great in Mono as well. Help!
  11. Sounds like a good idea...swapping the speedy, since you have a few of the monos...I say get the damier! it's so pretty, and very unique, since there are so many mono speedys out there and fakes too! this is my first damier purchase as well, another thing I like about the speedy in damier, is that you don't have to worry about the handles getting extremely dark over time! hope you decide!!

  12. Yes!! I finally got the damier speedy 30! and I'm so excited! I went to the LV store in Horton Plaza in San Diego and I got the last one, and right before the price hike too...the damier speedy 30 will be $620 I believe tomorrow, so glad I got it for $585!

    Another perk to buying the damier speedy is that they are all "made in France" since it is a new item, ...once they start being mass produced, they will start to make them in the US (that's what the sa told me)... here are some pics to look at along with my updated family pic! enjoy and thanks for sharing in my excitement!
    DSC03918.JPG DSC03920.JPG DSC03937.JPG DSC03939.JPG DSC03928.JPG