yippeeeee! (new bag!!)

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  1. Nice style. Cute bag!
  2. Cute.
  3. very cute! Classic style, should last a while!
  4. Pretty bag! Congrats!
  5. I generally hate Dooney & Bourke- mostly because of the "it" bag collection. But I love the one you got: great shape, nice pockets, and the pebbled leather looks delicious!
  6. Cute! I love anything with double+ pockets! Congrats Miss! I want something from the AllWeather or Alto line bad.
  7. too cute. love it
  8. I Love that bag. I Love Dooneys! They really hold up very well. I had a Saddle Bag similar to yours that was so great. And anything with Pockets is a plus. Tho I do wish Dooney would make some bags with a little longer drop length. Seems all their bags are about 9 1/2 inches.
  9. I really like that bag!
  10. Pretty, will be great for summer!
  11. Cute cute! I love all the color combos.
  12. It's adorable! Perfect for spring/ summer
  13. Reminds me of Coach and kate spade bags. Cute though!
  14. nice bag
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