Yippeeeee for Rouge!

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  1. I did a poll, the result was unanimous and here she is! Such a gorgeous red and to have it in gold GHW, I could hold this bag all day.

    Thanks for letting me share my Thursday afternoon joy :smile:


    And my growing Diorissimo family :biggrin:
  2. Speechless just speechless. Jumped over from LV to see your goodies. Such a remarkable haul and collection. Congrats!
  3. Wow gorgeous red!

    Your collection of Diorissimos is impressive! Each of them is very unique in its own way,
  4. Thanks :smile:

    I am already eying a different Diorissimo. It's smooth black calf body, powder pink handles and the sides are in that Dalmatian snakeskin pattern. It's so chic!
  5. Yeah it is absolutely gorgeous! I especially love what they did with the charms.

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    STUNNING!!!! Love it! Congrats and enjoy! Your whole collection is gorgeous!
  7. Yes, the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger is the lining. It is fabric (in the dalmatian print). I was afraid it would be too hard to keep a white interior fabric clean with use/time. I wished it was lined with leather in the pretty pink color.
  8. Beautiful collection! What do you use to wrap your handles with? (2nd diorissimo from Left)
  9. I use the skinny scarves (Hermes twilly, LV Bandeau or Coach ponytail). I don't have a particular favorite brand that I go to. It's more about what kind of colors/patterns will be best on the bag.

    I like to wrap my handles, especially for hand-held bag, because the handles get worn out the most/quickest, so the wrappings do help to extend the life and condition of the handles, not to mention, it adds a little something to the overall look of the bag.
  10. beautiful! Love seeing all your bags ~ enjoy!
  11. Really pretty! Is it usable as a everyday bag?

  12. It is (most of the time) my everyday bag. Some people complain about the weight but I've gotten so use to it it doesn't even bother me anymore. It's such a luxurious bag and not commonly seen (unlike the GST or the Neverfull). I would recommend it.
  13. GORGEOUSSSS!! Think I have found my perfect red :smile:
    Is this the Medium? It doesnt have a strap right? LOVE IT! Dior SA told me that the Small Diorissimo comes is shiny Red, but Im not sure what red she referred to. Patent maybe? As far as I know there is no patent leather for Diorissimo. Maybe she meant bright red? It was the Paris CS btw.
  14. No this is the large. It does come with the shoulder straps, I just didn't picture it in the photo. I've been looking for a true red bag for awhile now and this is as close as it's going to get. My SA told me the color for this bag was just "rouge" and it definitely looks just rouge.

    For the Diorissimo, I know it only comes in two kinds, smooth calf and grained calf. I'm not sure what shiny refers to...maybe a shiny python Diorissimo?
  15. Here is the mod shot my husband took of me yesterday. In my reveal pictures there seemed to be an orange undertone, but in less extreme lighting, the bag is a super gorgeous red.

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