Yippeeee....ordered my PINK Chanel...Thanks to Classic Chic...She's ta Best

  1. Two Chanel Bags in one week.

    I gave up on the Pink Classic Flap Chanel (Caviar) as in Dubai (lmtd collection avail), until Classic Chic showed up....even talked to her SA for me.

    Now that's what our PFrs are all about!!! I love this place and the ppl!!!

  2. yay! would love to see your pink chanel when it comes in!! did you get silver or gold h/w?
  3. Gold Hardware
  4. i wanna see it too !is it caviar or lambskin??
  5. *yaay* :tender::tender:another PINK victory!! :party: Congrats!!
  6. Classic Chic is an enabler of the best kind! :yahoo: Thanks to her, I was also able to get my dream bag.
  7. Congrats! :biggrin:
  8. can feel yr excitement...yay...yay congrats...enjoy
  9. dsawlani, Jayne1: thanks ladies~:blush: just paying forward what other tPFers has done for me in the past.
    Can't wait to see how cute the bag will look on ya!:nuts: :party:
  10. :heart: Another Pfer success story....pinkpiano sent out an urgent mesage about a Cabas bag and I was fortunate enough to see it...called the SA and...it's MINE! Another good deed by a fellow Pfer!! Love you all!!:heart:
  11. C.Chic, I need your opinion. You have seen both pink w/silver hw, and w/gold hw right. Which combination do you like more? I haven't seen both in real life, so I can't decide which one I should keep.
  12. bretiny, i only have the pink w/gold hw, and i love the color combo, silver hw seems a bit too sharp IMO, and gold hw flatters my skin tone more also matches my concept of using Chanels for formal outtings(gold=formal, silver=casual), I am old school in terms of handbags. I think pinkpiano start a great thread about pink Chanel bags, and i do recall there is pix of both gold and silver hw of pink Chanels.
  13. Caviar...
  14. Congrats! That is so awesome. Go classic!
  15. I love silver hardware more than gold.

    ** Anyway, congrats for your bag **