Yippeee !!! My First Kooba Has Arrived

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  1. My first Kooba has arrived to live with me in the UK. I ordered my Kooba Jacinda from the US and I went to pick it up from the depot today. I had to pay £25 to pick it up, £11.50 tax and £13.50 handling but it was worth it. It is gorgeous. I was a bit worried not having seen any Koobas IRL but I love it. I'm now going to be looking for another one when I visit the States in May. I can feel another addiction coming on!! :tup:
  2. Photo, please? You have to show as well as tell!
  3. Ok Give me a mo . I'll do my best!
  4. Right I've done my best but I'm rubbish at photos. Here goes - with and without flash. Excuse my outfit, it is myslobbing around with thew dogs on my knee outfit!
    Jacinda 1.jpg Jacinda 2.jpg Jacinda 3.jpg
  5. Oh, so cute. I love what Kooba does with "belts" and wraps. Congrats!
  6. So nice!!
    What color is that? Is it white or a stone color?
    Congrats and Enjoy!
  7. Very nice! I'm curious on the color too.
  8. Gorgeous!!!:tup:
  9. Thanks everyone. The colour is called Stone. It is more like the pics without the flash. It's a grey/ beige colour, nice and neutral for Spring/Summer.