Yippeee - it's my lucky day!

  1. I'm just off to the factory shop to pick up either a black Emmy or a black Alana. Called yesterday and they had none in stock, today these arrived!
    The Emmy is £297 and the Alana is £346. Apparently they had a lot of Emmies in the warehouse which is why it's half price.
    Will report back later on my new addition.......
  2. :yahoo:that didnt take long did it? :tup:

    Im v jealous, having decided that I might just *need* an Alana myself :drool:

    Look forward to seeing pictures of your new purchase!
  3. Pictures will be added shortly, got to grab some lunch before the school run.

    It certainly was my lucky day. When I got there the Alana was £247 not £346, it had been priced incorrectly. I had a 10 per cent discount voucher & a £18 gift voucher. I exchanged the toffee Araline I bought (have kept the tangerine one which I love) so I ended up paying just £57!!!

    It was between the Alana & the Emmy. I really liked Emmy but just knew I wouldn't be able to cope with those two straps.
  4. congrats on your new arrival. I really want an Emmy for xmas, I hope they have some in stock then?? Did they have many colours in?

  5. I had a quick look around and saw Emmies in chalk with oak trim; black; chocolate with oak trim and ginger. They'd just had a delivery because they had the most bags I've seen for a long time even Mabels. The Emmy is great and I was so tempted to get it but I just don't have the right shoulders for two straps!
  6. Congratulations on black Alana. :tup: Good price - is it £595 originally? Although I don't have Alana or Emmy I would choose Alana because it has 1 strap. Not sure it would be comfortable on the shoulder with 2 straps - the bags are quite deep.

    I'll put down Mulberry vouchers on my Christmas wishlist. ;)
    I think it was the right desicion to keep tangerine Araline. Such a beautiful colour.
  7. sarajane you are really lucky to live so close to the factory shop congrats on your purchase
    which size mabels did they have I am after the large handbag not the maxi but the one that retails as 695 in chocolate
  8. Congrats sarajane :yahoo:

    I go on holiday for 5 days and come back to find you've bought a(nother) new bag! Great choice - very versatile, and so cheap when you think about the amount that actually left your bank account ;)

    Looking forward to real-life pics :yes:
  9. You are so lucky!!!! Don't suppose there was a choc bay???!!
    i want piccies !
  10. I am TOTALLY jealous that you gals have a factory shop nearby!!!! Tell me, the next time I go to London -- how will I get to this factory shop? Tell me what train, how much is a return ticket, how long does the trip take, and what else is there to see and do there? Any other shops!? Thanks you lucky ladies!!!!
  11. Congrats on your new bag - great bag and great price :yes: Looking forward to see it! I love your factory shop reports...

  12. The Alana was £495 originally. One strap is definitely better for me. Emmy is lovely but just doesn't work on me.

  13. They had the medium Mabel - not the maxi nor the mini - yes, the one that is £695 RRP. I saw it in tan and chocolate but think they also had it in black. It really is lovely. I think it was around £450 but I can't swear to that as I didn't check the price tag. The SA modelled the tan mabel for me and it looks great.

  14. Wondered where you'd been ditab! This has to be my last bag for a while, my thoughts now have to turn to Christmas shopping not bags!!
    I'll post pics after the weekend including some modelling pics. I'm so pleased with Alana I keep going and looking at her!!!

  15. I did look for you Jo and also asked the SA. They still had the choc ivy bayswater which was pretty but not as dark as the normal choc bay. They had quite a lot in choc - I spotted Knightsbridge, Emmy (with oak trim), Hanover. I'd def call them on Monday because they'd had a big delivery and there were a lot of bags in stock.