Yippee, Today I got some new LV!

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  1. So like so many of you, I've perused posts but never posted my own LV pieces. Well until today I had one LV, a black minaudiere which Hubby got me for Christmas. In the meantime I saved and saved and saved and came home with my HG bag. It took me a while but I got it. Hubby thought I needed a little something to go with it so here is my first LV reveal.

    IMG_1979 copy.jpg

    I wonder what could be in here?? Hmmm...... I can't make it too easy now can I? ;) What fun would that be?
  2. What could it be?:shrugs:
  3. let's see!!! :nuts:
  4. Here's a hint. Any guesses?

    IMG_1983 copy.jpg
  5. ooowww this is live! I have NO clue!
  6. A Mahina XS?
  7. Strip it off!! How exciting!
  8. Show!!!!
  9. something damier?!
  10. Oh, you're good OnMyMiNd!! Yes it is!!

    I love it!
    IMG_1991 copy.jpg

    Now what about the little box??

    IMG_1993 copy.jpg
  11. YAY! :biggrin: I love the Mahinas!!! Great choice! Can't wait to see your other goodie. :yahoo:
  12. oh thats really pretty...ive never seen that bag before in my life! What type of LV is that? Do you have a link to elux?

    I just saw onmymind04's post..thanks!
  13. vernis heart? maybe a wallet?
  14. Oooohh... congrats! She's pretty.
  15. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: next box please