YIPPEE! Pics of my new stuff! PLS GIVE ME A NAME?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I just purchased this beauty a few days ago along w/ the matching wallet.
    I absolutely love this bag. I do not have a reference or name for it...but I'm sure YOU DO..Plz share this info w/ me:smile:
    Isn't she yummy?
    The distressed Dark brown chocolate colored, squishy textured Handbag-Tote w/ dark stainless steel chain: Measures spread out 12" sq. x 10"h w/ a 8-9" chain drop. With Mathing wallet: 7.5w x 4 w/ snap & zipper - 8 cc slots

    Handbag Retails: $1650.00
    Wallet Retails: $680.00
    Whatcha think?:yahoo:
    DSCN16110001.JPG DSCN16180001.JPG DSCN16230001.JPG
  2. simply gorgeous!! Hmmmm...I'm geussing it is the tote and wallet from the outdoor ligne...but not sure....
  3. It also comes in a black and cream color too! If that helps. Oh, And this comes in a larger version as well. Super big.
  4. oh gorgeous
    i am loving the brown and espec the wallet- u go girl
    where'd yah get it ?
  5. I got this at the Chanel Boutique at SouthCoast Plaza Mall - So. Ca
    You know I adore this bag, but I have a huge question about it....Its getting extra extra distressed really quick and really stretched out..is this supposed to happen to this bag so soon? I'm just curious what its going to look like a month from now......I'm not complaining, just wondering if anyone else has this bag and experiencing this as well? Thanks!
  6. OMG - that's a great bag at a great price for Chanel! Is the leather thin or thick?

    The wallet matches my Outdoor ligne tote. I love it!! Too bad it is half the price of a handbag. I can't justify an expensive wallet since it stays inside my bag. I love it though - it's gorg!
  7. The leather is real thick and super distressed... kinda like bomber jacket leather, KWIM? It can only get better w/ time.
  8. Love them, congrats!
  9. Gorgeous, both of them :love: Congrats!
  10. Two gorgeous pieces! I love distressed leather.
  11. Oooh I tried this bag on @ Chanel and at NM a few weeks ago! It's a BIG bag!:yes:
    The wallet is definitely Outdoor, I don't know which Ligne the bag is from. It's the same leather as Outdoor and like the new antique brown GST as well.
  12. Fabulous!! I especially love the bag! It looks like it is really wide/deep also. Is the base square? How deep is the bag?
    Congratulations, I really love that color!:heart:
  13. It has the same chain as the Modern Chain bags. Wish I could help with a name...:shrugs:

  14. OH! I think I have a name for this!! It's the "Get in your car drive to SCP and meet me out front of Nordstoms and hand it over" tote!!:upsidedown:
  15. Congrats!