yippee!!! my snowglobe is here

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  1. you may remember a thread awhile ago about my snowglobe breaking in transit. I got in touch with the champs store to ask about getting it repaired but they sEnt me a new one!!!!

    it arrived today it is so cold and covered in condesation but still beautiful!!! & importantly NOT broken yipppeeee!!!!!!
  2. Yay! Glad this one made it safe and sound. Enjoy
  3. congrats
  4. That is great news:yahoo: Can't wait to see photos:heart:
  5. congrats!
  6. Congrats! that's wonderful!!!
  7. Fantastic.....
  8. Congrats! So pretty!
  9. Congrats! The snow globe is beautiful! : )
  10. Congrats, it's beautiful! So glad you finally got a new one...
  11. congratulations!
  12. congrats!!! lookin forward to your pics!!!
  13. awesome, just in time for xmas!

    :heart: the snowglobe it's so pretty
  14. I'm so glad it arrived before the holiday for you!
  15. CAn't wait for your pics! Quickie!