YIPPEE! My First Hermes, My Journey

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  1. First, I want to thank everyone here, this forum has helped me in so many ways. :flowers: I've asked questions and they have been answered. So onward. I’ve just been shopping for my FIRST Hermes product, and I couldn’t be happier. This is my story of how I got here and where I am heading, my journey.

    Shopping Day Arrived!!! February 22, 2018 :yahoo:

  2. :happydance::wave:
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  3. I’ve always been a Gucci Girl going way back.

    Over the years I’ve bought four bags. Two are gone and I still have two. This first bag I bought in Aruba almost 30 years ago.


    In the last few years, I haven’t used it all that much but it still in pretty good shape for being three decades old. This was my every day bag. I also have a matching wallet that I have used heavily and it shows. I also still have my small Gucci bag that is for “occasions”. I got it on Rodeo Drive, also maybe 30 years ago or so.

    Since it’s for “occasions” it never got all that much usage.

    It was time for a change:tup:
  4. I’m here!
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  5. Exciting!
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  6. Open open open!
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  7. Mods: perhaps this should be moved to a Gucci thread?
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  8. Time for a new Handbag

    Before Christmas, I told my husband it was time for me to buy a new handbag. I know in his mind he was probably thinking like $200 or so because that might have been the price 30 year ago. :lol:. So he helped me browse through the designer bag websites and (SHOCK), he didn’t like any of them. Like, what is all this stuff on these bags??? Why are there tigers, flowers, snakes etc. :yucky: Everyone likes what they like but that is not for me. I looked and looked and settled on one I could accept. Some of the websites had their bags on models, some not, which made it more difficult to visualize them.

    Hub said “Meh, What’s happened???? This is fashion? Look around some more.” So I did. He looked around too and thought maybe Chanel was an Icon. So we both researched. And then he read about Birkins. Hub found Hermes and said “Well, if your going to get a new bag, get the best brand :love: (Little does he know how much that costs :lol:. Lets not tell him :giggle: . He'll want to go buy another car.

    So I read all about Hermes, watched a bunch of YouTube videos, and researched everything I could about them. Wow, they are famous for their quality.

    So which one to buy? I really don’t like Birkins, way to big and heavy for me. I’ve been used to small bags. Nor do I want a Tote Bag or Clutch. I wanted just a normal pocketbook, a classic design, a timeless design, one that will never go out of style. Nothing with all those flashy flowers or other things on the bag that will go out of style 10, 20, 30 years from now. I looked at their website everyday, looking at colors come and go, looking at new bags come and go. There was so much to research, different leather, different colors. But this is something I need to see in person, not order over the internet. I use this everyday. It has to be right. This means I have to travel to a store and Hermes stores are not exactly in every Mall. A trip has to be planned out, a day trip for shopping. Who doesn’t love to go shopping?:yahoo:. And what’s a Twilly? And what are those little horses that hang from the bag?

    Now, how do I get here?

  9. What about an Evelyne bag (crossbody) in a great neutral color. Could last a lifetime!
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  10. So what did you get???
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  11. My guess is a bolide based on OP's posting history.
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  12. great choice still!
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  13. Can’t wait to see what you picked - I am also going to guess Bolide!
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  14. I guess a Bolide also, sure sounds like that from reading what you are looking for... what if she scored a Kelly 28 :nuts: :flowers:
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  15. Which Wallet?

    Well, before I could go to the store, I had to figure out about a wallet. I dislike the long wallets. I think they are far to long, take up way too much space, and are too difficult to open and deal with quickly. I want to get into the money and out quickly. I also like the coin purse to be a zip, not a button. The online Hermes choices were poor, all long wallets. I tried to watch reviews of them and disliked them all. The only wallet I found vaguely interesting was a Compact Bearn, which was on the website in some shade of pink for a few days and disappeared. So I searched through the other designers and more or less settled on a Vuitton compact wallet for a much cheaper price, but really wasn’t happy with it.

    Then there was the “other things” we carry, a few cosmetics, pen, coupons, the things of normal life. I wasn’t going to just throw anything that could leak into a new bag that costs as much as a used car. I looked at the Hermes pouches but they were huge. Although the dimensions were listed online, they have no sense of perspective, not modeled against anything. I think their website needs some work. So I kept looking and looking for some pouch. At this point I was thinking of a small pencil case. Even a baggy would do in a pinch. But I wasn’t going to have anything loose.

    What to do? Forget about asking Hub? He thinks they are all a waste of money. Wallets for men are so much easier. Oh well, I’ll just get a bag and worry about everything else later. It’s time to head out.

    Lets get the car and go …
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