Yippee!!!!!!!!!! More Project Runway

  1. For those of you who are as obsessed as I am with Project Runway-take heart. Season 3 will premier on July 12:amazed::amazed:-yes you read it correctly-July no more waiting a year for another fix! Oh happy day-I love this show-summer tv is finally looking up!:lol::lol:
  2. i have not watched PR before... may be i'll try this season... do u know which network?
  3. it's on Bravo

    i love this show!!! i can't wait!!
  4. Yup on Bravo 10pm E.S.T.-I can't wait either :yahoo:
  5. YEAH! LOVE that show!!!!!
  6. So do I!

    I have the dvd from Season 1, which I never saw- I got hooked on Season 2. Season 2 is available pre-order on Amazon- it comes out next month, or you can download it now on itunes.

    I saw an interview with Tim Gunn last week where he says the contestants for this series are even MORE talented than Season 2 or 1.

    I just love Tim Gunn, btw. He is so nice, has a great rapport with everyone- and has a wonderful podcast.
  7. I love Tim as well-something about his voice really works for me. How funny was Santino when he impersonated Tim's voice???:graucho:
  8. Tim Gunn rules! :biggrin: He really seems like such a nice person.
  9. YAY!!!! LOVE Project Runway! All the drama and the clothes...it's just too much fun!
  10. Yea!!! I'm sooo glad that Project Runway is going to be on this summer!! I was beginning to think there would be no good television for the summer.
  11. Yes! I heard this and was so excited! I was having a down moment of lack of vapid fashion reality tv between ANTM and Runway.

    Woooo s3!
  12. How exciting..got to mark it on my calendar.
  13. Love the show, can't wait!!
  14. several of my clients liked that show a bit.. i guess, if u r into fashion, thats a good show to watch...
  15. Ha!

    You just made my summer ... and ruined DH's. He's already asking for ear plugs! :biggrin: