Yippee! I got on my first wait list- for the silver miroir speedy!

  1. I feel like I just graduated to a new level of lv enthusiasm. Seeing the lookbook was great- the miroir pochette also looks amazing, but it doesn't look like it will hold much at all. Its very flat and about 9 inches wide. If i'd have pics, I'd post em. Promise! Just thought i'd announce this, is anyone else on the wait list for a miroir item?
  2. CONGRATS!!! I hope they don't push the release date back again!!!
  3. I know. keep your fingers crossed!
  4. I'm wait listed for the silver Speedy.
  5. Waiting for Silver Speedy.
    I feel like the Lone Ranger...Hi Ho Silver!!!!
    I put my name down for a Pap in gold too. I really hope they don't push it back in order to wait for the 07 price increase.
  6. wow. i need to see more photos. but the silver speedy sure does sound tempting. i love metallic silver bags.
  7. Gawd, how fabulous!! Way to go, girls.
  8. Good for you! It will be here before you know it!
  9. Are there pictures of these new items posted somewhere?
  10. I am waitlisted for the gold pap...can't wait for this range to arrive:biggrin:
  11. how much are they???????????
  12. ^ does anyone know how much the pap in particular will be? TIA :smile:
  13. I want the silver speedy cuz it looks so different and I love LV Speedies.