Yipit and their new sales function

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  1. Hey Guys,
    Awhile back I told you about a site I found called Yipit http://yipit.com (they find local brick and mortar deals). I went to the site today and saw that they now have something called Yipit Perch. I think that what they do is compile all of the deals from sites that sell deals like Groupon and Living Social. Also, unlike the other part of their site, they list deals for multiple cities. Kinda nice not having to go to each site for each deal :smile:

    No idea how they are running it, but I would liken it to a Kayak.com for sites that sell deals.
  2. These sites are great but I have a problem with them offering the same deals over and over - the deals i just don't care about: paintball adventures, laser hair removal, teeth whitening, sunset boat tours in the winter...I think these sites should start moving toward specializing what they sell like www.inbundles.com. They focus on the best deals for eating and drinking. Probably will be great for foodies and hungry people.