Yipee Skipee--It's heeeeeeeeeere!!!! :)

  1. My Bordeaux First just arrived! Woohooo! :smile: I ordered last Wednesday and I've been waiting impatiently for it--I'm sooo psyched!!! I asked Daphne to pick out the least crinkly/veiny of the lot and she included a note saying that they were all pretty similar, but she tried her best. The leather is crinkly, but the color is nice and even and I think with a little wear and conditioning, the leather will soften right up. :smile: Here are the pics--no flash, one on the sofa and one in front of the window:
    Bbag on sofa smaller pic.jpg smaller pic bbag in light cropped.jpg
  2. Is it 05' Bordeaux? I love it. I love my bordeaux office soo much....congrats!
  3. Yup, it's '05 Bordeaux. :smile: Thanks! :smile: I'm going to go out and get some Apple Garde conditioner and spray for it today. :smile:
  4. Yayyyyyyy Pupster!!!! Congratulations, it's beautiful!!!! :yahoo:

    Enjoy it!!!
  5. Oooh, I love it and I am not just saying that! If it were mine, I'd give it a nice squishing with some apple leather conditioner or even lubriderm. It is gorgeous! If you do give it a squishing, please post "after" pics. Congrats!
  6. Thanks, Redney! :smile: I'm so happy right now! I practically ripped the box out of the UPS's guy's hands(who btw looked exactly like a young Mathew McConaughey!!!! *swoons*). lol! :smile:
  7. Thanks, LoriB! :smile: I'm definitely going to apply some Apple Garde techniques to it and I'll be posting after pics. :smile: I'm going to grab a couple bottles of AG conditioner and spray in a couple hours and I should have my "squishing and conditioning" completed by tomorrow morning. :smile:
  8. pupster, congrats on you bordeaux first! enjoy!
  9. That color is so yummy. Congratulations...I am so jealous :smile:
  10. Thanks, esile and lelgin! I'm so excited right now! It really is a gorgeous color--I really like the plumminess of it(is that a real word?!? LOL).
  11. congrats! the colour is SO yummy! hehe, i spoke to Daphne this morning before i got to work... she's really lovely!
  12. Thank you, helenNZ! :smile: She was sooo sweet on the phone! I'd love to meet her and the rest of the great BalNY staff(well, except for the infamous Terry). She said they still had a couple Bordeaux's left in stock if anyone is interested. :smile:
  13. I love the bordeaux color!! congrats!! gorgeous!!
    make sure you do before and after!!
  14. Thanks, winona! :smile: I'll definitely post a before and after! :smile: I'm ok about the conditioning part but I'm nervous about the squishing(fruit roll up bit as didi put it. LOL)
  15. Really beautiful! Bordeaux is one of my favorite colors--so lovely and versatile. Enjoy!