Yipee!!!!!!! Balenciaga Has Finally

  1. updated their web site!!!!!!! OMG the GH City sure looks like Violet, and it sure has my :heart: beating faster!!!!! I love seeing all of the new styles!!!!!!:tup:
  2. The Juane and Violet on their site look like exactly what I want my First and Twiggy to be like... I hope those picture represent the real colours!
  3. Python Evening Bag!! :drool:
  4. OMG - I MUST have a city in that pine green. And a make-up in jaune. I'm going out to buy a powerball ticket right now!!! :nuts: :drool: Must save, Must save, Must save....... Thanks so much for the heads up!!!
  5. thanks for sharing:smile:

    lots of interesting looking bags:sweatdrop:
  6. Wow. I actually really like Jaune, if it actually looks like that on the pic!!

    Thanks for the heads up!!:tup:
  7. What is that second bag in the list? It's smooth leather, dark green (presumably Pine) and looks kind of like a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After. It is GORGEOUS. I want! Does anyone know what it is/how much it is?
  8. Thanks for that! I love the SS 08 Bubble Gum Pink with a hint of salmon...
  9. Thank you for posting, PP!

    I'm off to the site to view the new lovelies! Ahh... it feels like getting water after a long thirst!
  10. thanks for the update! looking now! I'm loving the violet city now!
  11. This is GORGEOUS!!! The leather is great!

  12. Thanks for the picture Allyboobop. It's enough to make a grown woman cry:crybaby:, tears of sheer joy that is!!!!!!! I feel like I died and went to bbag heaven, and I'm not even that much of a purple lover- but me oh my I :heart: that!!!!!!:yes:

  13. This is beautiful! But that silver GH just doesn't grow on me arrrrgh
  14. I love this! Do you think it is too similar to Ink???
  15. The violet is gorgeous...purple family colors are my fave! Now I can't decide what I should buy!