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  1. I miss the good old college days when I would get to watch the Maury show...Here's a classic!

    ugh sick :wtf:

  2. I actually watched that the other day, and I refused to believe that those people are real - they have to have been actors! me and some friends watched that clip several times because it was just too.... WOW (not in a good way). It's really sad that people actually are like that though...

    edit: and what's up with her voice and the way she speaks?!??!
  3. Her voice is so annoying. That girl is going to look back on that one day and be SO EMBARRASSED. What a lunatic!
    I can't believe her mom even let her get on that show... HELLO! Please get some parenting skills lady! I'm embarrassed for both of them.
  4. yeah i know extremely embarrassing. i see a lot of girls with that kind of attitude all the time: around where i live, the train, ugh pathetic
  5. ^ So there are people *that* extreme in RL too? :shocked:
  6. I'm afraid kids like that exist.. even worse there are Mothers like that who exist too, who have no control over the children whats so ever.

    Very sad.
  7. :shocked:

    *sigh*...sadly, I'm not really :shocked:...which is shocking in itself.
  8. I love watching Maury when I'm able to...it cracks me up. The guests always have fine things to say such as:

    "Whatever! Whatever! You don't know me!!"


    My favorite are the ones when these brats go to boot camp.
  9. Oh yes..I use to watch Maury all the time during summer vaction back when I was in highschool. Those kinda teeny boppers are clueless!!
  10. I used to love Maury!! :biggrin:

    But you want to know what's really sad? There were girls in the HS that I went with that already had children at that age (in Mississippi)...
  11. That girl talks really annoying and loud, too...
  12. Oohhh, 3 whole passys!!! I wonder if she realises that you lose around that many in a week, lmao :rolleyes:
  13. lol. yep these type of girls DO exist. I know some just like em!