Yikes ! Woman Gives Birth To 17lb Baby Girl

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  1. holy cow...she's ENORMOUS!!!! luckily she's healthy...her mom is going to have one hell of a birthing story!!!! :rolleyes: :nuts:
  2. Dear Lord!!!

    my aunt weighed 13 or 14 pounds when she was born...she's such a twig now lol

    yeah my grandma had her natural like the rest of her 9 kids :wtf:
  3. Gross. Think of how much weight she lost immediately!
  4. This is her 12th child! OMG!
  5. wow, at the 12th child and the size of this baby.
  6. Holy moley! That baby weighs about as much as my daughter :wtf:
  7. My first thought was that I must've been pretty painful! But after 11 others maybe you can't really tell the difference between 17 and 9 anymore.
  8. That woman is a pro.
  9. Holy cow. I can't even imagine carrying a baby that big!!
  10. I didn't know it was possible to even carry a child that large. Jeez...I wonder about the size of the mother and if she delivered vaginally.
  11. Wow!!! Maybe she will be a giant. :smile: But that is honestly frightening.
  12. I would be afraid that baby would rip me apart!
  13. all i can say is.... ouch!!
  14. She is quite the cutie pie... lol!!!! I just wanna pinch her cheeks