Yikes! What to do now? Shipped to Russia

  1. Okay, so even against anything that was intelligently telling me not to, I decided to move forward and ship the YSL Muse I was selling on eBay to an unconfirmed address - in Russia.

    I know, I know! Not the best thing.:noggin: In any event, I shipped the bag on July 13th via USPS Global Priority. I declared it for its full value and insured it. I emailed the buy the tracking information and crossed my fingers.

    Now, a full month later and the USPS says that the bag is sitting at customs waiting to be processed. It's been saying that for weeks.:wtf:

    I emailed the buyer several times asking her to contact them to get her bag and she hasn't responded once! It's like she doesn't even care. I've emailed her at least 4 times now!

    What should I do now?:sad:
  2. If the buyer isnt concerned - you should try not to be.

    If it was insured then you will have a recourse if something goes wrong.

    Perhaps she has rec'd the bag and usps hasnt updated. That's the only reason I could imagine she wouldnt respond to you.. .
  3. Hi there, I assume you meant June 13th? A month is a long time but the buyer has to sort out customs and it is her responsibility to progress delivery now. In the UK, I have recently received letters from delivery companies about items at customs and it was up to me to pay the charges in order to receive the item. I truly do think you have done all that can be expected of you, although it must be horrid being caught in limbo at the moment.
  4. Yes, I'm concerned about her wanting to do a charge back because I shipped to her unconfirmed address. But she has 80 feedback marks at 100% so I'm hoping she's not a scammer.
  5. oh dear, I'd hate to be in your situation too! Hopefully everything will turn out fine, keep us posted!
  6. Having some knowledge of Russian bureaucracy I can tell you that although a month is a long time, it is not yet catastrophic by Russian standards. I can also speculate that she might have trouble contacting the customs... it is totally not unusual for there being noone to answer the phones or refusing to talk to you... On the positive side - she is DEFINITELY familiar with the bureaucracy and knows that she has to be patient. I hope everything works out!
  7. Is the buyer in Moscow? or some other city?
  8. I agree with UliUli. A month with Russian customs is not a long time. She probably either can't get an answer out of them or she doesn't know what customs station it is at or can't find the customs station (trust me, they are in the STRANGEST places). The mail there is incredibly confusing and just be happy that you know that it has arrived somewhere. I'd wait a few more weeks before panicing.
  9. i guess the good thing is, if it's still in customs and passes the 45 day mark , she can't file some paypal dispute.
  10. Plus if she doesn't pick it up they will simply send your bag back to you. You'd have to refund but at least you wouldn't be out anything other than the return ship fee!
  11. I guess she paid you by PayPal, didn't her?? If so, I ever read the almost similiar problem here ( buyer came from Aljazaire or somewhere ) and seller prior to contact buyer by phone to verify if buyer is really an acc holder of that PayPal acc he used to pay, unfortunately, buyer was unauthorized user and seller save from scammer.

    If you've any doubt, prior to call the acc holder of PayPal acc to confirm and ship with USPS with tracking # only
  12. I hate shipping to international unconfirmed addresses.... it's so stressful!! And USPS online tracking is useless. I'm never shipping international again, unless the buyer uses a more reliable payment service than Paypal.

    I hope your buyer responds soon and tells you what's going on. Good luck!
  13. :yes: I once spent three hours in a post office for sending one package!! But yeah, I say as the others - don't worry if the buyer doesn't worry. I hope everything sorts out and she gets her bag :smile: