Yikes! What can I do?! Buyer filed dispute.

  1. Help!
    . . . so on Nov 22, I sell a bag to someone in New York. (I'm in British Columbia,Canada.)
    It takes her a few day to get around to paying, but when she finally does, I ship immediately, the same day. It goes out "Canada Post - Small Packet - Air". They tell me it will take 6 - 10 business days to get there. (This should put it there by Dec 6) I advise the buyer of this and politely ask her to let me know when she receives it. She responds and says that she will. Out of the blue today (Dec 2nd) I see that she filed a dispute!!! Paypal has frozen funds on my account!!! That seems unfair to me. Aren't they, at least, required to wait a reasonable amount of time before filiing a dispute? . . I have patiently waited more that 3 weeks for items to get to me from California!!! Especially considering that there must be a postal rush on with Christmas and all!!!:hysteric:
    What's wrong with people?!?:cursing:
  2. Not everyone waits unfortunately!

    is it a high price item?
  3. No. It was a ferragamo bag that she got for under $200.00!
  4. It may be a scam! if you sent it small packet post I take it a signature is not required?
    Did you send it to a paypal confirmed address?
  5. You're right - a sig is not required. I didn't pay atttention to whether the address was confirmed or not 'cuz not a huge amount of $$$.
  6. If you do not have signature proof she will win the claim as to complete the dispute paypal will require a tracking number. Also for you to covered for seller protection you need to send to a confirmed paypal address.
    If she is an honest buyer she will close the claim if the item turns up!
    I send all my items signature delivery whether its is worth £10 or £400 and I only post to unconfirmed addresses. There are scam buyers out there as well as scam sellers!
  7. Oh and always withdraw the fund out of your account as soon as you sell something!
  8. Hmmm . . It could be a scam, I'm thinking. I guess I have blindly trusted buyers and have been fortunate so far with everyone being honest. . . .But something doesn't feel right with this! (Why would she file a dispute when a sufficient amount of time has not elapsed for it to be received?!?) I think I'm hooped! Now, I see there's nothing to stop her from receiving the item and claim that she didn't. (I think my eBay selling days are over.)
  9. I sold on eBay for 5 yrs fine until i had a fraudulent chargeback placed aginst me. I stopped selling for a bit and stopped selling internationaly. I started again as I have always enjoyed it- now I strictly follow the paypal rules, send everything signature and only unconfirmed addresses. Anyone else has to pay me by bank transfer!
    They can put a claim in after 7 days, and they have 45 days from the transaction date to file a claim.

    I really hope this works out for you- keep us updated!
  10. Thanks for your support! I will update!
  11. Did you send it with some kind of tracking? If so, you don't need a signature unless it was over $250. Some people are impatient, hopefully she gets it soon and this all gets worked out for you.
  12. I encountered a similar situation before. It took me 6mths to have my Paypal account unfrozen. Just hang in there and bug Paypal everyday that's my advice.

    Why not post the ID of the buyer so the rest of us can blocklist? :p

  13. You are meaning a CONFIRMED address right??!? :confused1:
  14. Yes- confirmed address- typo error!

  15. The ebay ID of the buyer is "jbbrandy1" I've just noticed that she has 3 neg fb's! (one is about claiming item not rec'd!) Oh! Oh! Doesn't look good for me!!!!:crybaby: