Yikes! unscrupulous ebay sellers..

  1. Wow...that makes me sick. Is there anyway to report to eBay for this?
  2. now that is SICK!

    i understadn if this bag would end up with the price through biddings! but asking this, is too much...
  3. Holy smokes! Who would pay that much???
  4. whoa :wtf: that's crazy!

    I added this to my watched listings, if this actually sells:
    Off to eBay goes my tote :graucho:

    For that kinda money, I actually could fly to England on the 25th and get a new one at Sainsbury :nuts:
  5. Wow...maybe its a special edition with diamond encrusted handles :roflmfao:
  6. That is just gross.

    I managed to buy one of these bags off the we are what we do website but it is still to arrive - there is total backlog apparently as they are sending them out slwoly but surely. I shall probably get it around the same time they go on sale at Sainsbury's.

    I'll try and get a few and sell them onto anyone if anyone wants one. I sometimes see stuff on eBay that makes me cringe but I don't have the guts or unscrupulous morals to do it myself. I'd rather keep my special find to myself.

    Slightly off topic - in the UK, there is madness on Ebay at the moment for a face serum that got featured on the TV as actually working (for anti-ageing properties) and it is now sold out and selling for three times the price on the bay! Disgusting and quite scary to think how many women out there are desperate to get their hands on something. OOh, it's like a bunfight.
  7. That's the best and worst thing about Ebay -- pure supply and demand. I've seen things from Target go for hundreds of dollars, and nice things go for cheap. I suppose it's all about what one will pay for. What upsets me is the sheer quantity of counterfeit items. It's almost impossible to be sure if what you're getting is legitimate.
  8. I liked ebay better when it was just getting off the ground.................
  9. :drool: Extortion? maybe. Probably not an option on the report function.
  10. I want one of those bags. It would be a great school bag...but I definitely like the $10 mark much better than that.. Heck, $25...
  11. If someone is stupid enough to pay that much then they deserve to be ripped off!
    Anyone know the date they arrive at Sainsbury's?
  12. April 25th :nuts:
  13. This is definitely criminal, in my opinion!
  14. that is SICK!