YIKES!!skin reaction to mac...

  1. So, yesterday I was in Nordstrom to try a MAC foundation. The SA used the pre-moist make up remover wipes. I started to feel itchy but within five minutes I had red raised blotches on my face as well as under my eyes. It was horrible. I quickly ran to bathroom and washed my face well. It took about an hour to feel better. Has this ever happened to you? I wonder what I am allergic to in the product. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. This also happened one othet time with Guerlain.
  2. omg, this happens to me when i use those biore pre-moisten wipe too!! it gets red and itchy, im so scared to use any of those pre moistened wipes or those make up remover wipes. but i have the reaction where my face turns red, itchy and the area around my eyes and cheek begin to swell double the size. its horrible.
  3. Luckylizard--It has also happenen with a pre moistened pad from bliss. I wonder what the heck is on them that causes this reaction!!!!
  4. It happens when I use pre-moist makeup remover wipes and makeup from most brands. The red blotches and bumps basically look like hives. The reaction is pretty fast too, I'll start getting red and itchy in under 30 minutes of trying the product.

    I've learned to stay away from Body Shop (only in Canada I think), Estea Lauder and Mac blushes. I can't even put on foundation or powder!