YIKES:Sign of the TIMES:SAKS KICKS LV OUT of the PDX store!!!

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  1. I can't hardly believe it-Last week I was in Portland OR and the SAKS LV Department told me they were taking out all of the Scarves,glasses and basically anything but LV Mono from their store and today I call to use my Gift Card Rewards and was told that Saks has moved LV out of their store and will no longer carry LV!!!
    I loved using my SAKS card to buy LV there because I am able to get the bonus points-Last year I got $500. back in GC and while that is not much it is basically a Free Accessory and I definitely would not get that deal from LV!!!:cursing:
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    sorry to hear that. (Hugs)
  3. oh no...
  4. Oh yikes! I hope the LV store in our Bloomy's doesn't get kick out. Signs of bad times. :cry:
  5. That sucks! I do the same here in Saks, NJ....Planning on using my GC this week on either a rose NF or speedy!
  6. Wow...I sure hope Saks survives these tough times. Although I love the big sales they have been having, I still feel bad about buying stuff at such discounted prices because I know why they are so low
  7. I know- I wonder if as the contracts expire SAKS will not renew them with LV- When I was in design and also had a retail shop that carried Christopher Radko Ornaments we had to buy a Minimum of 10k per order to be able to represent CR- Maybe Saks just did not find the committment worth the cost - I too we hope we do not see it spread to other stores-The employee told me that not many of the employees were transfered out to LV becasue they were no openings at other locations!
  8. That is so sad to hear. I wondered what will happen to other Saks store.
    Hoped everything works out and you can eventually use your gift card to get what you want.:smile:
  9. Can you use your GC to order LV from other Saks that have LV?
  10. I hope they stay in the Beverly Hills Saks. Like others I like to be able to use my EGC at LV.
  11. What I had heard was that the LV contract at Saks expired at the end of January in 2009 and LV didn't offer it to Saks again OR Saks didn't pick it up.

    Basically everyone (making the decisions) thought that two LV experiences right across the street was a bit much.

    It's very sad for the employees though. They had some lovely employees at the Saks LV. And it was a nice perk to be able to use my Saks card and bonus points on LV stuff.
  12. ~^^Queenmab, are you referring to your local Saks? I didn't hear anything abt. this w/ my local Saks. Now, I'm kinda nervous because I really love the SA at my local Saks:sweatdrop:.~
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    I am sure it was one or the other and I wonder if they will not be renewed at other Saks stores as the leases expire. I mentioned last year that I thought LV was trying to eliminate some of their locations when they opened up their website to direct buyers-Chanel recently did a trial run of the same thing-offering a limited amount of items on their website for direct selling to the public.
    I definitely feel badly for the employees in these tough times to lose their positions!:sad:

    The Thread Title was just for Dramatic Effect-Not becasue they literally kicked them out!!!
  14. :roflmfao: (Now I have horrible images of the little matchstick girl carrying her wares in a tiny LV NF)
  15. oh that's a shame... i always thought american shoppers were so lucky to get the reward points... not sure if the department stores in england do a similar thing.