Yikes! Re-issue flap size issue

  1. HI,
    I am new to writing a thread but read them all the time. I had just purchase a re-issue on e-bay. The seller states she purchased from Saks but could not find a hollogram inside anywhere. I agreed to purchase anyway....good price and looked 100% authenticate. The measurements though seemed a little off. Please tell me if 12 1/4 x4x8 sounds right to you?
  2. have you posted a link on the chanel authenticate this thread? wouldn;t hurt before you pay. it is kind of hard to get your camera inside the flap bags to take pics....maybe we can tell from other photos..but the size doesn't sound too far off. but I wonder if it's a reissue and not a classic jumbo flap? the 227 reissues last season were about 2.5 inches deep with an interior flap sp two flaps. the classic flap has only one flap, not two and is about 3 or so inches deep.
  3. As far as I can remember there is only a hologram on the auth. card, but not on the bag itself... but please correct me if I'm wrong
  4. do you have the link to the eBay auction?

  5. yeah that would REALLY help.:okay:
  6. There is a tag inside each bag and on that tag is the same number that is on the card.

    If someone needs a bag authenticated, it should go in the authenticate thread under shopping.