Yikes! Please help me with Urban Decay primer potion...

  1. Hey all, after a lot of great recommendations here on eyeshadow base I got the UD primer potion from Sephora.

    I need help! Are you supposed to smooth on a thin layer and let it dry with your eyes closed? or does it crease if you keep your eyes opened when it dries? And you just put your regular shadow over it or do you need loose powder first?

    Maybe I put it on too thick but my lids feel really sticky :tdown:. Any ideas? TIA! :heart:
  2. Pursegrrl, I smooth it after it's on with my pinky finger. I just got it a month ago and I found that it clumps too. If you smooth it on so there's a light coat it should work just fine. But then again, there's probably a lot more women on here who've used it a lot more than me and can offer you better advice :smile:.
  3. I have this stuff too...
    Here's what I do: Just take a tiny dab on your lower lid, and then smooth it into a really thin coat over the entire area where you plan to apply eye-makeup. Give it about 30 seconds, so it *almost* dries, then apply your shadow, liner, etc, as usual.

    Hope that helps! :tup:
  4. I use MAC paints as a primer, and I actually use a concealer brush to apply it. Im familiar with the UD primer, so you can dab some on with the want and then use a concealer brush to blend. Hope this helps!
  5. UDPP it applies very well with a light touch and a concealer brush. a little product goes a long way.
  6. I usually dab the Primer Potion all over my lids with the wand, then blend it with my finger until its not really visible anymore.
  7. Hey, thanks, everyone! I used the wand to spread it over my eyelids and upper area so I probaly used too much, LOL. Next time I'll try a dab with the wand and using my pinky to spread.

    I really hope that will help. I just wanted to try something different, as I normally use a dab of my regular foundation and dust with loose powder before applying eye shadows. I have a feeling the UD will not provide as much coverage as I would like (I have very fair skin with veins showing through and always have to cover that up on my eyelids...)

  8. Primers are usually a waste of money IMHO. Try priming your eyelids with just the foundation (not the powder). Then put your color directly on top of the foundation and it should stay put.

    At any rate, don't put powder over the primer. The point of the primer is giving the shadow something to "stick" to. Powder shadow won't stay put on a powdered surface.
  9. i'm all for saving money but i have to disagree :smile: i've tried many primers and was starting to think they all suck. but ever since i started using UDPP, i've not had my eyeshadow crease at all, no matter what the day's conditions are, whether it is a long 12-hour day at work or a hot humid day outside. UDPP works like a champ and is my HG!!! :heart:
  10. i'm going to disagree as well... i've tried many different types of primers and just using foundation and my eyeshadow would ALWAYS crease. with Urban Decay's my eyeshadow never creases.. i could probably wear it the entire day and all night long and it would still stay put. without it my eyeshadow creases around noon (if i were to apply it around 7am) with UD, the longest i've worn it was from 7am to midnight and my eyeshadow never creased. AND it put up with the humidity at the fair last month!

    back to topic.. the way i apply it. put enough on my lid to cover the area, then use my finger to spread and dab it so it's a light layer. keep my closed for 30 sec or so or at least looking down so that it doesn't crease while drying and you're done!
  11. I agree that the best way to apply UDPP is to use a concealer brush. However, I found Smashbox's primer evern better than UDPP. It has a lip primer on one end, which is also fabulous, and a lid primer on the other.
  12. Love UDPP, but I saw the Smashbox the other day. It has me curious, as I need primers, or else everything melts off my oily skin.
  13. I love Urban Decay shadows but haven't tried the primer.
  14. Zophie, try the primer! your UD shadows will stand out even more. I diddnt believe it till I tried it and you actually use less product.

    I also agree with the other gals. Some of the foundations contain skin softners and oil and that will have your eyeshadow sliding off like easy prom date. I mean if it works for some great, But I am sticking to my primer.

    I have been using UDPP for a while and I just dab a few spots then blend lightly with my finger. I never coat my whole lid with product, but I do blend it all in evenly. To much can make your eyeshadow hard to blend.
  15. I LOVE the UDPP!! I had tried everything to get my eyeshadow not to crease and this is the only thing that's worked for me! I take the wand and kinda of scrape the excess PP into the jar and so I have a VERY thin coat on the wand and appy it that way. I never keep my eyes closed either. I put it on after I put on my foundation and then focus on my lips and such and THEN go back to the eyes so it's dry but wet enuf to stick. GL! :smile: