Yikes! Picking a color is hard! Can you help a girl out?

  1. I'm looking for advice. I'm hoping to get a city and want a versatile neutral color. Which would you choose: Sandstone city or Truffle?

    I think I wear mostly khakis, browns and blacks with some color on the shirts (coral, denims, navy, ??) For summer I do have cute capris in different fun colors.

    Hmmmmm......decisions, decisions! Just when I think I'm leaning toward the Sandstone (from Diabro...is that an accurate color on there?) I back track! I've never had a lighter neutral handbag before. Is it one you grab more often than you thought?? or should I stick with a medium brown??? I also toyed with the idea of Tabac with GGH. So pretty! Is this Sienna?

    What's your opinion??:smile: Thanks!
  2. I feel your pain... picking a colour is so difficult!!! However the good news is, no matter which colour you choose, you end up with a gorgeous bag!!!

    At the moment I'm leaning towards Sienna (aka Tabac), but I know Sandstone has a lot of devoted fans. I don't think the photo of Sandstone (aka Khaki on Diabro) is accurate, there should be plenty of photos of Sandstone on this forum for you to get a good idea of the colour.

    Good luck with your choice!!
  3. hmmm.... that's a hard one! I had this dilemma before and I decided on a cafe instead of the truffle... but since seeing the truffle IRL... I've fallen in :heart: with the color! it's very vintagey with GGH (if that's an option)... and it's a very very versatile neutral IMHO... but then again so is the Sandstone (which I have on the way with GGH!)

    the truffle will definitely be a good choice if you want to avoid a dirty looking bag and if you're gona be using this as an everyday bag... the sandstone might show dirt more easily... BUT it is a beautiful color! I'm not much help really since I'm gona get both colors soon!

    as for the sienna... I havent seen it IRL yet, but from the pics posted here... it's ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and the leather is divine!

    having said that though... the SS city on Diabro is a bit pricey isnt it? the truffle is a good price though... so if money is an issue as well, I'd go for either the truffle or sienna since they're both the same price on Diabro...

    sorry I'm not much help but I do HTH! I'm sure alot of other girls will chime in soon! keep us posted!
  4. I had a Sandstone and sold it, I was too worried about getting it dirty. I LOVE the Sienna/Tabac, I highly recommend it. I do think it is more of a fall/winter color. It's more of a reddish brown, I think of Truffle as more of a green-brown.
  5. if it's between truffle or sandstone i'd go with sandstone. but personally i think sienna or cinnamon would make a great city!
  6. truffle is like milk chocolate, so delicious.....no, but really, i'd go for truffle is it's a bag you'll use a lot, won't show dirt as much and it's a very versatile neutral.
  7. I think I'll go with my gut on truffle. The color seems about right for an everyday neutral medium brown.

    Maybe I'll go for a Sandstone-like color next spring/summer. Who knows what might come??

    Any other ideas?
  8. i'm also deciding between the truffle and sandstone. these two colors look awesome in GH!! i think the sandstone is a great summery color and the truffle is more of a spring fall kind of color. it really depends how comfortable you will be carrying the sandstone since its a lighter color and if its for everyday. i think it depends if you want RH or GH. if its RH, I would go for the sienna. the color is stunning and rich IRL!!
  9. Sandstone all the way!!!! It's such a great color!!! Goes with everything! I love mine!!!
  10. Aaargh! This is making it harder!:p

    I think you can only get SS through Diabro now as AR and BALNY don't have the SS City anymore. Are there SS Cities available anywhere else???
  11. I understand your dilemma as I am trying to narrow down a color for my first Twiggy...teal, cornflower, blueberry, bleu, glacier or ink...Argh...it drives me nuts.

    As far as what color might be best for you...only your eyes and gut will tell you THE ONE. Don't hem yourself in with only those neutrals, also look at the milder colors as a neutral too.
  12. I love my sandstone city. It is very versatile and goes with more than I thought it would. I use it a lot and it shows virtually no signs of wear.
  13. Sandstone for sure!!! I have it and use it every day and it looks good as new. It's light enough but dark enough, too if that makes any sense
  14. If it's a choice between SS, tabac and truffle, I'd go for SS. The color is stunning and it's so neutral that it'd go with anything.

    Having said that, since your wardrobe is mostly neutral anyway, have you thought about getting a bright "pop" color? The tomato or ocean would go fabulously with a neutral wardrobe. Good luck!
  15. Another vote for Sandstone.......the color is beautiful, versatile and the leather is consistently incredible.:tup: