Yikes, My New Ball is Wearing Already!!

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  1. Gads, I'm just distraught. I'm wearing my carminio new ball today, and noticed that it is showing discernible wear on the piping. I've only worn this bag a handful of times, and am ridiculously careful with my bags. I'm honestly not sure that ANY bag in my closet shows any wear at all, and I've had some for quite a while. I know that the BV napa is somewhat delicate, but THIS is crazy.

    Anybody got any advice for how to protect the piping from any further wear? :shrugs:

    Any help/advice is welcome!!!
  2. KathyK, OH NO! I got the same bag the same time as you but it hasn't seen the light of day yet. Have you contacted Nicole? Of all the PF members that own the stamped studded veneta, I was the only one that had a problem with wearing on the raised studs. Nicole shipped it out for repair and it not only came back in great condition it seems to be holding up much better than it did the first time....and it's my go to bag so it gets used a lot and not babied at all. I'll see posts where someone is having a problem with wear and everyone else who owns and uses the same style bag has no problem. I wonder if how the bag is displayed when it's in the store factors in to this? Perhaps the lighting or handling will set up a bag for problems? Anyway, call Nicole and see what she suggests and please keep us posted.
  3. I say its your lifestyle that affects the wear of a bag..do you walk to work and take the public transit? so you carry other things in your hands so that you don't pay attention to the bag? do you load it up? in and out of the car for a two second errand? switch bags around a lot? all these are factors in why I think a bag shows wear...and in your case it may be rubbing against your body as you walk..the piping is in the center panel of the bag, right? I think that any bag that has piping is prone to wear, but I would bring it to BV and see what they say
  4. Yeah, I hear ya, prestwick, but no, I don't think it's my life style. I drive to work, and don't carry things other than my bag. I have a closet full of bags that show NO wear at all, so either I banged into something unknowingly, or this bag is just more fragile than I had expected. I want to use LovinMyBags or equivalent to protect it, but I'm just not real confident about what's okay to put on the bag and what isn't. Sounds like the rest of you haven't had this experience, so maybe it's just me.

    The Bottega store in Tysons is due to open soon, so I'll take it there and see what they say. Makes me sad to hurt my bags!:sad:

    LLANeedle, my experience aside, TAKE YOUR BAG OUT TO PLAY. Poor thing deserves some daylight!:yes:
  5. I have the New Ball in Carminio too but I don't notice any wear after using for 3 weeks (not that sparingly either). Can you picture the wear? I take my sister-in-law's car to work but I take our local trains (which can be quite crowded) home almost on a daily basis.
  6. Er.... this is the main reason why I've put off getting a Ball bag tho' I simply adore this design. I've read a few posts on TPF that wearing of the piping and showing it, is the problem of this design. However, some of us here were able to remedy this by dabbing with leather cream. I hope you find a solution Kathy. I feel for you as I'm one who likes my bags to be pristine as much as possible.
  7. KathyK, I'm depending on you to report in full when the Tyson store opens! If it's a glowing report I just may have to battle my way through 495 traffic. More than likely, it's only the color that's wearing off the piping and the NY store can fix that and there's no charge if it's done within the first year of owning the bag.
  8. actually, with my bag it's the leather in itself that is worn off. the glossy part is rubbed off, exposing the rougher leather of the piping. it happens in the area where the piping constantly rubs against clothing.

    i am to meet the BV merchandiser in our local boutique next week to know what can be done about it. kathy k, i'll keep you posted.
  9. Sum, that sounds like EXACTLY what has happened. Looking forward to hearing what you find out!
  10. sorry this is off topic to this thread, but just wanted you to know that I had the same wear on my studs, especially the ones on the bottom half of my bag, so you aren't alone ;)
  11. I've been examining my New Ball.. everything seemed alright to me. Only the leather nearer to the corners looked more wrinkled. Otherwise the bag looks fantastic to me. I'm still loving my New Ball very much.