YIKES! My choco paddy from LVR has a scratch too!

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  1. Hearing all the horror stories about paddy defects made me scrutinize my choco and sadly discovered that mine has a scratch - a minor one similar to Annabelle's. Seems like a finger nail scratch and is hardly noticeable but i'm worried it may get bigger as I use it..... Now i'm starting to wonder if LVR sells seconds... is this why the price is significantly less than other stores??? :suspiciou :suspiciou :suspiciou
  2. Where is it? Is it on somewhere that might get a bit of wear n tear thru rubbing or handling? Coz if it is, there's the worry that it may worsen. But if not, I wouldn't be too concerned. Could u pls post a pic?
  3. Here's a pic - doesnt show very well but it's minor in my opinion - or am I trying to convince myself?:huh: It's a 1/2 in slice in the leather -bottom part of the front handle which i'm thinking may not get too much handling. I'm not going to bother with the hassle of returning but it's just irritating. What do you guys think?

  4. I had a Paul Smith bag that did the same thing. The straps were designed too slim and started to rip apart from a tiny tear when I carried it. I just sent it back to England and 100 dollars in shipping later, I am hoping they fix the problem or give me a new bag. I would expect perfection for the price bags cost. Better safe than sorry I think.
  5. Thanks for the pic. Hmm, actually, that looks ok to me. I don't think it would be any bigger. It doesn't look like it goes very deep into the leather, more like a superficial scratch so no chance it's gonna split. I don't think it'll get any longer either with use, unless you fiddle with it. And yeah it's not in a high stress area so that's a positive:smile:
  6. Thanks, I feel better. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  7. Chalk it up to "character" if it doesn't bother you. If it gets worse you can always contact Chloe for repair or replacement.
  8. i wouldn't worry, no bag is going to be 100% perfect no matter how hard we look for one that is, it just looks like an imperfection in the leather to me! i wouldn't return it based on that.
  9. it looks pretty minor... if it REALLY bugs you, return it.
  10. Thanks everyone! I really feel better now.
  11. ooh character - i like that ;)
  12. Tod, I went to a professional leather cleaner today, and when he felt the "spot" on my bag he said because the surface is smooth, it will not get any bigger. He said it just looks like a minor "scratch" and he did not consider it a defect. When I told him I was considering sending it back to Italy for an exchange, he just laughed! :shame: Mine is located just a little higher than yours. I'm not worried about it anymore. I realize now that I was just being overly anal about it and that leather products will not be absolutely perfect. Anyway, despite the temporary irritation, I just love this bag! :love: Everything else about it is so perfect, and it's so sumptuous looking! I would still order from LVR again if I see another bag that I love. Of course, my choco bag looks just like yours, but soon I will post pics of mine too!:biggrin:
  13. What is going on with LVR? I've heard so many negative feedbacks about them. It looks minor, but since I'm very anal about my bags, I would return it because I know it's there. If it doesn't bother you then keep it.
  14. I have not had any marks on my paddington(knock on wood).
  15. I agree, that kind of thing would really bother me, but if you're fine with it keep it.
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