Yikes! My Birkin has a boo-boo! :(

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  1. I just noticed that the top "vertical" stitch of the inner open pocket on my Birkin came loose - see pic. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
    I never put anything heavy in there, maybe a cell phone and a few receipts. :shrugs: Anyone had this happen? I called my store and talked to another SA (mine was busy.) She said it could be fixed but didn't know if they would charge me.

    I'm so bummed. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

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  2. Oooooo, bummer! You're going to have to take it in, they really can't tell you if there will be a charge until they see it for themselves.
  3. ^ Yeah, that's what she mentioned. I don't mind bringing it in but I know it will be weeks before I see it again. :sad:
  4. I'm so sorry this happened, Tea!
  5. That stinks, Greentea!:sad: I hope they will not charge you to fix it. I've only had my Birkin a short time so I haven't had that problem.
  6. ^ Yeah - but this one is not even a year old yet. Must be a fluke.
    SEEEE, this is why I need another Birkin or Kelly to use while this one is away. My sort of PHH will not see it that way!!
  7. ^^^^^Yep, definitely a sign that you need to get another Birkin.
  8. They should repair it for free. This is rather unacceptable for a less than 1 year old bag... considering how much we pay for our birkin
  9. I am sure it will get the best medical care at H......
  10. So sorry this happened! It should be a quick fix I would think. Hopefully they won't charge (actually I'd probably raise heck if they did considering its age!) :yes:
  11. I don't think you will be charged, the Birkin was not abused in any way.

    Remember don't leave the sleeper bag when you drop it off. You'll get a new one when the Birkin is ready for pickup. Too bad it's not Paris, in Paris you get a new box too !
  12. In Singapore, you get neither! :crybaby: :sad:
  13. Ooooh!! So sorry!! I can't imagine being without it - you must work on that PHH about another bag lol!! Maybe even a GP tote or something less??!!! To hold you over??!!! Good luck...
  14. ^ Thanks, guys! I do have a rouge Trim that I've actually been using a lot lately. Switched to the Birkin yesterday and found the problem today.

    But I still need at least one other H bag for, you know, consolation...
  15. :yes: Definitely!!!