YIKES! LV Handles turn black!

  1. I was sitting out at the carwash waiting for my car to be ready.. So I'm reading my book on the patio at the carwash, Speedy 25 on the left in the sun tanning..

    20mins later car is ready and I look at my beloved Speedy expecting a gorgeous patina and the handles have turned BLACK.. like a pot roast gone wrong!! :amazed:

    THANK GOD IT WAS A DREAM!!!!!!!!!!! :shame:

    Heeeheheh sorry yall for the false alarm... I'm having 2nd thoughts abt putting my bag in the sun now lol. How sad is this, I'm dreaming abt my bags!!!!
  2. (Paging Dr Freud! LOL)

    Little parasols for them, that's what you need - maybe cocktail unbrellas?

    You may think that's crazy but if Alexander Mc Queen did it I bet he'd make it look good! :cool:

    I dream about my bags, when I first got my Chanel it showed up all the time in dreams, which, cost-per-wear, made it even better value! ;) :nuts:

  3. Unless you actually tried to roast your bag, I doubt it'd turn black from sun tanning ! The aged bags that you see on eBay with black black handles are from dirt.. not sun bathing !
  4. Omg... your "dream" almost got me right there! I thought it was true. :lol:
  5. for me, that would have not been a dream, but a nightmare. I once had a dream that one of my handbags got messed up and I couldn't go back to sleep. :weird:
  6. I think it's kinda funny when we start dreaming about our bags =)
  7. ROTFLOL You got me for a moment! Glad it was just a dream. :o)
  8. I was completely fooled :shame:
  9. You must have been so freaked out! What a cute dream
  10. you got me there! i thought it really happend for a second there.
  11. GGGGGGGGGIIIRRRLLLLLLLLLLL!!! You sooo scared the heck out of me...!!!!!!!!
  12. don't ever do that again.
  13. Thank goodness it was just a dream!
  14. That Was Hysterical!!!
  15. You made my day! LOL. I've always been fearful of leaving any of my leather out in the sun...that joke didn't help!