YIKES! Kelly......

  1. ITA. That Kelly is in a bad shape. However, I've seen worse.
  2. Yes but it was 'celebrityowned' - hence the price!
    What a shame!
  3. Sometimes makes me wonder how some people treat their H bags. Scuffing on corners is acceptable. But cigarette burn, deep scratches, holes, tears are :nogood:.
  4. That is one beat-up Kelly. Hmmm...wonder which Celeb owned that poor baby.
  5. I´d still love her!
  6. ^^ Me too!!xx (ok, after a spa treatment)
  7. Well....at least it got used! I sometimes feel worse that mine often sit in their boxes. But, way overpriced for that condition! Man!
  8. There is not too much that a spa treatment could do for this poor bag.
  9. frenchiefan, I was thinking the same thing. I wouldn't pay $3,000 for a damaged handbag like that. I wonder if the spa could save it? It's a beautiful color. What a shame.
  10. What a shame indeed. :nogood:
  11. ooh I feel sorry for this Kelly... 3000 is too much..
  12. it's a bag. it's not like they abused their child or something. some people don't baby their things and they just use them. and they don't idolise hermès or feel they owe the bag any 'respect'. IMO it's people's business how they treat their belongings
  13. Heh. I wonder which celebrity owned this.
  14. yeah but bags like these dont come cheap. the owner obviously didn't treat their belongings with enough respect.