Yikes. I think I'm in trouble?

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  1. On Friday, I made a bank deposit for a company we do business with. My family does money transfer & we deposit everyday for the company everyday of the week.

    Well, On friday---I made a deposit...and lost the receipt. :Push:

    My mom is furious bc she's worried that the company can just simply say they never received any $ and we won't have any paper proof that we made the deposit for them.

    Do you guys know anything about policies and stuff? Like am I able to go back to the bank and explain to them what happend and maybe they will provide me another receipt? :shrugs:

    Please help? :confused1:
  2. I'm sure that the bank will have a record of the deposit. They might charge you a small fee to issue another piece of paper, and they might want some confirmation of who you are and why you should get that paper, but it should work out. Good luck, and don't lose sleep over it tonight because you can't do anything about it until tomorrow!
  3. The bank can provide proof. It's in their systems.
  4. I really don't think there's anything to worry about. Banks always keep this kind of information.
  5. The bank has the records. No worries....I used to work for a large financial institution and we had to get proof of this kind of stuff all the time.
  6. The bank will have record of the deposit. However if you do not own the account you deposited money in, they aren't going to give you any proof.
  7. If you remember the teller who attended to you, you can explain to her that you lost the receipt and she might be able to help you. If she can't, go to the bank manager and she surely has a way to help you with it.
  8. thank you everyone!!!!!!!

    ...i use drive thru..so never really tooka look at the person..:Push:

    will get this done tommorow...

    thankls everyone again!!!