YIKES!!.. I just pulled an all-nighter!

  1. I went to bed and tried to go to sleep around 12 am.

    At 1:45 am I faced that fact that I couldn't just lie there in bed waiting to suddenly pass out and I'm trying to abstain from any sleep-inducing medicine (I began to rely on it to make me fall asleep at night which is NOT good) so I got up and read a book till 3:30. It was a good book lmao.

    I battled with tossing and turning in bed for another hour. It was now officially 4:30.

    I decided to hell with it! I'm just going to stay up! So I got up and read some more of the book until it was around 6 and it was starting to get bright outside.

    I drank some highly caffeniated sweet tea (:nuts:) and then went outside and walked up and down our driveway out of sheer randomness and spontaneity.

    And for the first time EVER, I have truly realized how beautiful nature is in the early morning. I was surrounded by green and the sky was blue with puffy white clouds dotted here and there and dew was slowly falling down.

    It was an AMAZING experience! I've never witnessed early mornings in summer before since I usually wake up at 10 am or later. I was practically mesmerized and just kept walking around in circles outside taking in all the beauty around me.

    So I would definitley say my all-nighter was worth it lol! :smile::smile::smile:
  2. Aww, sounds like you've had a lovely experience communing with nature! I'm a sleeper-inner-er by nature, but I know exactly what you mean. Those times that I've managed to be out of bed for sunrise I always tell myself I'm going to do it more often. Everything looks so dewey and fresh...so different to a sunset.

    Now I just hope you can squeeze in an afternoon nap...you must be beat! :sleepy:
  3. I love sunrises. So glad you had this "moment" with nature. Hehe. Strange, I steyed up all night too.
  4. Actually I'm really hyper which is a little strange but I'll probably just randomly pass out sometime later in the day lol.
  5. I just pull an all-nighter too!!! I have a chem midterm that I'm still studying for... :p You sound like you've had a wonderful all-nighter experience haha. hope you don't crash tooo hard later! :shame:

    But I hate it when I'm try to go to sleep and nothing happens and I'm just lying there waiting to go to sleep. :rant:
  6. ^^ Same here. I lay there and I wait to pass out but nothing happens and instead of feeling sleepy I'm thinking about something I watched on TV.
  7. Hmmmm...that's weird - I didn't sleep well either. I wonder what's up with all of us?
    Sunrises are gorgeous!!! Wow - sleeping in usually until 10!! No kids, huh? :nuts:
  8. I can tell how hyper you or just by your post! HAHA. I hate it when I have a hard time sleeping, I refuse to take sleeping pills also.

    It's gonna feel SOOO GOOOOOOOD when you get som shut-eye!
  9. Nope, definitley not. I'm still a student so kids aren't anywhere in the near future for me LOL. This is OT but I do know a girl around my age who has a child and she gave birth to him when she was only 14! Can you imagine being a mother at that age?
  10. I haven't slept for about 30 hours, but it's pretty normal for me now, because of my work. Which is depressing, really.
  11. Oh, the all nighters Ive had! I am a night owl, then again...Im also a morning person(how does that work?) I LOVE the early mornings outside, its just beautiful. I hope you get some rest tonight though!
  12. Yikes, kids having kids :sad:

    :back2topic: :p
  13. ^ Seriously, she didn't even use any form of protection. :shocked: