YIKES!!! I impulse purchased a Muse

  1. So I was at NM over the weekend, looking for a relatively inexpensive black bag, because supposedly I'm on a ban;). I had a nice wallet-friendly Botkier Bianca in my hand, heading for the counter to purchase it when the YSL case caught my eye...and....somehow a black Muse followed me home :nuts: (medium-size, I think?)

    I am absolutely loving it so far:love: ....but its my first YSL and I don't know much about them...so, what are your Muse/ YSL experiences? Any "Muse issues" I should know about?
  2. Muse is great bag, congrats. =)
  3. I just got 2 last week and LOVE THEM..I got the med and the large..ENJOY YOURS
  4. You'll love it, such a great, classy bag. I have the white in the large, and get compliments everytime I take her out! ;)

    Enjoy it.....a great black bag!
  5. Thanks all for the congrats.:flowers: I am definitely loving this bag.

    But, after a little more research on Muses and actually measuring my bag, I figured out that mine is a large, not a medium as I had originally thought. :shame:

    And I'm a little concerned that Neiman Marcus messed up...
    My bag didn't have a price tag on it when I bought it...there was a slip of paper, similar to a reciept in the inside pocket...I asked the SA about it because I was afraid it had been returned, but she said that they had just gotten it but it didn't come with price tags, so they had to look up the price.

    Now, after doing a little research, I'm afraid I got overcharged. Isn't the oversized supposed to be more expensive than the large? I paid $1295 for the large, which is the same price NM has listed for the oversized on their website:confused1: Is this right, or did NM mess up? I know its only $100, but I'd be really annoyed if NM ripped me off.

    Please help! I'm really embarassed I didn't do my research BEFORE I bought the bag:push:
  6. Ok, I just re-read that and realized it kind of doesn't make sense. What I meant to say, was that the Neiman Marcus website has the oversize listed for $1295 and the large bronze for $1195 - that's where I got the $100 I was talking about above.

    My black large is a 2007 - does that make a difference? Did they raise the prices?
  7. I don't thinks the year makes a difference. Are you sure you got the large size and not the oversize/XL???
    I got this from another forum, I hope it helps.
    Oversize/XL $1295 13"H X 17"L X 4"W
    Large $1195 11"H X 17"L X 3"W
    Medium $1095 9½"H X 14"L X 2"W
  8. Thanks Shoelover:flowers:

    Its definitely not the XL - Neimans had several of the XL and only one smaller one, which is the black one I bought.

    I measured mine last night and it was about 15 inches long x 10 inches tall x 5 inches wide...which doesn't really match any of the dimensions that you've listed...oh, I'm so confused now.

    I love this bag, I just don't like feeling like Neiman Marcus ripped me off...they get enough of my money as it is.
  9. It seems like your dimensions are closer to the Medium size? Next time you're at NM compare your bag to another one and check the price! Hopefully they messed up and you'll get a little money back! :yes:

    Glad you're enjoying your bag!
  10. Eeek....I almost Impulse-Purchased a XL Black Muse today while walking around shopping at lunch! Now I can't get it out of my head. Should I do it? Arrrggh -- I was so proud of myself for not being tempted til now.
  11. If you dream about it tonite or can't sleep....THEN GET IT!!!!!!!!!!
    Thats what I do
  12. I agree:yes: Aside from my pricing confusion, I've been really happy with my purchase so far

    Thank you all for your help. :flowers: I think I'm going to go to Neiman's this weekend and check out some of the other bags to try to figure out what size I have and how much it should have cost
  13. Yes, just go back and ask. I know BG.com had the wrong price for the XL a while back so it's possible that happened with your muse. Good luck!
  14. I would get it.
  15. Yves Saint Laurent*-* Muse Large Bag*-* Neiman Marcus

    NM has this large at $1,295.00
    I paid $1,195.00 for my large last week
    so NM price in WRONG on the website....
    THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!! Espically for people who don't know any better