Yikes I have a confession - I did also buy

  1. Yikes I have a confession - I did also buy the storm shearling bag from Marina Mirage - surfers Paradise! As the three supplied to New Zealand were all sold. I choose it over the Thunder - as the thunder seems floppy when not that full. I love the clip on the storm bag and the two hidden sleeve like pockets - great. I know this bag didn't get the best rating, saying it was like an ugg boot etc. However I am from New Zealand so it kind-of had a New Zealand flavour with the wool etc. And when you think about it - it is distinctly identifiable Louis Vuitton with the monogram, has vibrant wow factor shiny bling appeal. It has mature hardware with this grand clip closure. The shiny black handles really set it off, also giving it long wearing appeal. The structure keeps its shape and I believe in the distant future it will be looked back upon as a real innovative icon.:heart:
  2. ^^ Congrats .. the store here still has both the shearling bags too .. I like them as they have an Aus feel to them due to the wool on them ...I think they haven't sold out here due to the weather .. esp as today was 40 degrees:push: Please post photos:heart:
  3. Congrats, can you share some pics with us please?
  4. i love that bag..:heart: pics ...:yes:
  5. congrats, any pics?
  6. You will love it! I LOOOVVEEEE my Shearling Storm. Out of all my LV bags, that bag receives the most compliments...mainly because it is such a statement bag.

    I live in Chicago (its 30 degree's here now..) so the bag is not out of place. Now I did carry it to Miami, FL in January of this year...and I was stopped at least every 5 min while carrying that bag on Ocean Drive along the beach.
  7. congrats