Yikes how to choose a color?? Compagnon photos from Bal NYC

  1. They are all so beautiful. I want them all!:love:
  2. YES! They all are beautiful! I saw style101 posted her wallet on another thread- it is GORGEOUS!!!!! It's the fire engine red- I'm obsessed with that color! LOL
  3. cornflower! it's soooo pretty!
  4. I gotta go with Origan since I have a twiggy that color.
  5. Hmmm....it would be nice to have one that matches all my bags. I think I would go with the pale rose since it would look smashing in my bordeaux bag and look nice in my LV and Coach bags. It would probably look pretty gnarley after a while though. Maybe I should stick with a darker color.
  6. pick the ones that go with your bags!

    personally.. i like the green and the lilac.. =P
  7. Emerald! Loooves it.
  8. Love the cornflower blue!
  9. I like the Origan or the Emerald, both gorgeous!
  10. Ooooh! I like them all! lol! I like Cornflower blue best and then Origan. :biggrin:
  11. I like the origan or emerald. For some reason, the greens really appeal to me in this wallet style.
  12. Mmmm...I like the lilac....especially with some lube.
  13. I saw an emerald compagnon in Holt's yesterday, and the color is very pretty. I would definitely give it a good massage though, as they are quite veiny. I don't think the emerald would show wear as easily as the lighter colors.
  14. i love the emerald! it's such a striking color!
  15. totally CORNFLOWER blue!!!