Yikes ! Helicopter Crashes In NYC

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    This particular sight seeing helicopter crashed into the Hudson River at around 4:50 p.m. on Saturday. All eight people on board the helicopter survived after being rescued by good samaritans on nearby boats. I don’t think they’ll be forgetting their NYC break in a while!

    Splash news

    Thank god everyone is safe.
  2. crikey!!!
  3. oh my! :cry:
  4. EEK! How scary! Glad to hear that everyone made it out okay.
  5. :wtf: Atleast everyone was ok!
  6. Struth!!!
  7. not something you see everyday.

    Gosh, they were lucky, glad they all got out ok :smile:
  8. UGH! That doesn't look good. But it's great that people rescued the passengers!
  9. My goodness! Glad that everyone is okay!!
  10. I'm glad everyone's safe. It's a pretty scary sight though....