Yikes!! Guccis Run Loose At Work!

  1. I cheated on LV..and purchased this when I was in Vegas 2 weeks ago! I've always wanted to get a gucci bag...and I do have one as a small handheld I got from the Desert Hills Outlet here in CA..

    Finally got the urge to get myself a work tote from Gucci! For the price, and the fact that I adore the hardware on the bag (I used to have the suede pink wallet, but sold it afterwards because the material scuffed over time), I decided on the Large Abbey Tote in Gunmetal and my older brother bought me the matching mini wallet for my birthday 3 weeks ago!!!!! :wlae:

    *drumroll* here i present my :heart:s!

  2. more ....
    CIMG1473.JPG CIMG1474-1.JPG CIMG1475-1.JPG CIMG1476.JPG
  3. last two!
    CIMG1477.JPG CIMG1478.JPG
  4. Congrats...looks like the perfect work bag!
  5. Congrats! The gunmetal leather is beautiful!
  6. cute!!!

    wait guys...i thought gunmetal was online only??? or was it probably just select items?


    hehe ur making me exxited for my shopping trip ;)
  7. very nice...now I want one of those for work lol. My b-day is coming up maybe I get him to buy one ;)

    The gunmetal color is very nice
  8. I love, love LOVE your purchases! The gunmetal is gorgeous!
  9. Congrats!!!!
  10. Oooh I love the gunmetal!!!

    luv~ yeah just selected items
  11. It is!!!!!! :yahoo:

  12. i was like :confused1::confused1: when i visited the gucci website prior getting the gucci....but i realized not..the stores carry everything!

    what will u get? :graucho:

  13. u should! :graucho:

  14. Congrats!!!
  15. Very nice handbag.....Congrats!!!