Yikes, going through a handbag funk!

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  1. Hey everyone! I need some help...I can usually go about 4 months between my handbag purchases before I start getting obsessive about my next bag. In these past four months LV has been my obsession, I've been looking at all the new stuff and getting ideas...all of a sudden I'm really not liking the monogram canvas at ALL and nothing else is catching my eye at LV. Does anyone have any ideas for my next purse? Let's say a budget of up to 750-800; no prefs on shoulder/handheld or anything like that. Please help me get out of this horrible funk!:smile:
  2. Did you ever think about getting maybe a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Handbag. They come in two different sizes. The original or the mini. They are very classy looking and no logos. They run around $550 to $595. If you can find a discount code; you can get them even cheaper.
  3. A lot of folks are really loving the Belen Echandia bags right now! They sell them on their website and at museten.com. I am actually trying to hold myself back from getting one. They are around your price range.
    I agree the morning after bags look really nice too.
  4. ^^Looked at the Rebecca Minkoff...it's really cute! :tup:Love the basket weave, I will definitely keep that one in mind! Thanks for your suggestion!
  5. Ohhh those are really cute too! Love the Love Me in Pewter and Black Crash!
  6. I think the Morning After bag is really popular right now so you could check that one out.
  7. Or you can get a Marc Jacobs Quilted Blake...I'm on the hunt for one now.