Yikes! Fell in love with Linda

  1. I just saw the Linda at Nordstrom in the raisin color. Fantastic bag. Anyone own it or seen it yet
  2. Do you mean eggplant? Someone bought a Linda and loves it.
  3. i bought the linda and love it...i didn't know it came in eggplant though!!!!
  4. I saw the Linda in Eggplant at Saks this week and liked it very much.

    I felt that for a smaller bag is would hold much and the strap drop was nice for a smaller shoulder bag.
  5. hi ladysales...do you really think linda is small? i kind of think she's medium...i'm so used to carrying huge bags though, so in comparison i guess she's on the small"ish" side...what do you think?
  6. It's very pretty, doesn't look small, but about the size of a Sienna?[​IMG]
  7. it's definitely smaller than the sienna, but fits a lot of stuff and i really love the way it falls on my shoulder...
  8. fancy!