Yikes! Fakes at Marshalls...

May 11, 2006
Fake alert...I was at a local Marshalls last week and spotted 3-4 fake Dooney & Bourke's. Today I saw a fake Coach. How does this happen? Seems like too many to be caused by someone buying an authentic purse and returning a fake...I feel bad for people thinking they're getting a semi-good deal on a designer purse and winding up with a piece of junk.


Jan 16, 2006
San Diego
I agree....more good stuff at TJ Maxx but Marshalls sometimes has nice things too. Depends on which store and what day.


Easily tempted
Feb 27, 2007
New Hampshire
I don't think they sell fakes.
Marshalls and TJ maxx aren't ghetto either.. that comment is kind of silly, no?

Scammers buy and return fakes all the time to unsuspecting clerks at the stores. If person kept getitng away with it at one store, it probably wouldn't be uncommon to see a few fakes.

Since you knew they were fakes did you bring it to the attention of the mgr so that no unsuspecting customer bought them?
May 11, 2006
No, I didn't tell the manager about the fakes. My experience in pointing out things like this has been less than pleasant--they'd rather not know and don't do anything anyway.


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Feb 27, 2007
Somewhere in the mountains in CT!
i'd highly suggest saying something to someone about it. fake bags are no joke.

Marshals and TJMaxx are far from ghetto. i have purchased many a fabulous product from there, including but not limited to my Marc Jacobs perfume, Gucci sunglasses (that i wear on the daily), my marc by marc jacobs sunnies, AND a couple michael kors shirts that i just love (and other stuff i can't remember right now!). TJMaxx is my fave store in this dead ass town i live in!

scammers suck... and are the only way TJs or Marshals would have fakes. the department stores that sell their products send them the things they cannot or have not sold by the turn of the season. i'm pretty sure everything is out of date about a year or so... give or take?

stinking scammers. makes me mad.


Dec 14, 2007
Alexandria, VA
I think Marshall's and TJM are owned by the same parent company, but my experience is that I find much better stuff at TJM (I have a TJM 'Runway' store nearby so I feel blessed).
It is my understanding that TJMaxx, Marshall's and Home Goods are owned by the same parent company.
I also find that at TJMaxx they have more damaged goods, seconds, so be careful with your purchases. Marshall's usually just has over stocked items, and last year's styles.
I'm skeptical about buying an expensive purse at any of these places. If I'm going to make the commitment I go to the source.