YIKES and Holy Moly!

  1. I was so bored here at work today that I spent the entire day on TPF:nuts:.
    Time sure flys when your having fun.
    Anyone else every do this?:sad:
  2. I do. I'm on and off tPF throughout the day:p
  3. OMG i thought I was the only one!!!

    I have been on tpf all day today....maybe its b/c my boss isn't here today :yes:
  4. Yeah, I am on all throughout the day-- I'm addicted....LOLz
  5. Very slow day at work today...been here on and off most of the day. I want to take a nap.
  6. Yup, I am guilty of this. Thank god for tPF. What else would I be doing? Working? Yikes!
  7. Well I stay at home but My house work seriously backs up!! I'm always checking tPF when I walk by the computer and then I go to the other room to do something in there and by habit I go straight to that computer to check to see what may have come up.......I just don't want to miss anything!!:p
  8. ^:yes: when I'm at home nothing gets done

    Ok so I'll just go on tpf for an hour then I'll do some ironing and clean something...2 hours go....3 hours go....etc etc then Bf complains he has no shirts for work OOOPPPPSSSSS
  9. Periodically, at work...and at home..hehe.
  10. I've been here for 6 hours today!!!
    on my summer holiday and got nothing to do >.<'
    but im gonna go to the mall..haha..
  11. Im on and off all throughout the day :biggrin:
  12. Tell him to iron them himself - TPF so much more important! :nuts:
  13. I'm on throughout the day but since I started my project I wont be on as much for another week and a half :smile:
  14. I'm on when I'm bored or I have nothing to do at work/home. I love this site theres so much good info and its so fun to read and post:p
  15. Now that I'm home - I'm on and off of tPF all day. I am mainly online when Julia is sleeping, but I occasionally do come on when she's awake and playing with her dad or her grandma so that I can finish up some work and I check tPF sometimes in between