Yikes...2 bbags at once: Granat Work, Vert Fonce PT

  1. Okay...I did it! I just completed a transaction with BAL NY for a Granat Work and Vert Fonce SGH Part Time with Kim (very sweet and informative). Again I'm feeling a bit dizzy and well... dazed...from the excitement, anxiousness and investment of it all:sweatdrop:. All you ladies and gents with the Granat, PT GH pics and posts you all shared...THANK YOU! You inspired me. I'd love to hear more about how you all love your bbag babies of the like. :happydance:
  2. Congrats....Please model when they come!
  3. congrats! you managed to find a Grenat work? do you know if they have anymore Grenat Citys left? although i do doubt they do... just wana check...

    anways, post pics when they get here! cant wait to see them!
  4. whOOo HOo:huh:... dont forget to inhale & eeexhale. :tispy:.. Okie... sister in crime... we are officially both on a BAG :ban:.... well for a couple months at least. When are they coming, by the end of next week?
  5. Awesome! Waiting for the bag to come is such an exciting time. And then the opening!

    I love Kim. She is my favorite. :heart:
  6. WOW, Congrats:yahoo:, - can't wait to see pics!!
  7. You can't keep us waiting :nuts:come on hurry i want to see pics.:sweatdrop::sos:.
    btw, Kim is my SA too and i adore her.:heart:
  8. Awesome!!

    Grenat's travel in pairs :graucho:

    You are going to love it!! :heart:
  9. Funny you should ask...cause that was one of my questions: what do you have in the color Granat? I believe she mentioned the city as one she had in stock. I'd say give Kim a call 212.206.0872. Good Luck and keep us posted :yes:.
  10. Nanaz...thanks for sharing in my anxiousness. Here are the pics that Kim sent me. She siad these are the ones that will be set aside for shipment tomorrow. :girlsigh:

    As for getting pics once they arrive..I'll be anxiously awaiting to give these babies a photo session. They're coming Ground from NY to CA... should be here Fri. of next week.
    granatwksm.jpg vertPsm.jpg
  11. Okay all you Kim fans....:dothewave: for KIM :woohoo:. Having a great SA makes the difference!

  12. :ban:yup...:true::banned:...
  13. Kim is fabulous :heart: I'm so glad Nanaz rec'd her to me - she has excellent taste in leather :drool: and it looks like she did it again with your bags!!
  14. i can't wait to see pics. congrats!
  15. You're so lucky!! How exciting!