Yikes ! 15 % tax for EU members

  1. Hi all, I noticed that some sellers from France are putting "add on 15% if you are a member of the EU"...I was like :wtf: :wtf: 15%. Does anyone know why this is ?. Thanks ;)
  2. i didn't know that.. but that sucks.. you can use the money to buy other things.. hehe
  3. I believe that the tax percentage in France is 15%. In Germany, it is currently 16% but is going up to 19% at the beginning of the year.
  4. OMG how bad, Yikes. That is awful, isnt think just if you dont tick "Gift" on the parcel ?
  5. That would make sense if they're registered as a business and are selling to customers within the EU.
  6. I don't understand that either: surely the buyer pays tax based on where they live? in the UK, VAT is already included in prices
  7. that's what I though too. But some British online stores add tax when the ship within the EU as well :s

    Grand Illusions - Help

    They charge 17.5% :yucky:
  8. From what I know tax should already be included in the price! Because one of the benefits of the EU is that when you buy sth from another EU country you do not have to pay taxes like VAT because that is the tax referred to as far as I can tell from the percentages. I wouldn't buy, they are just making ways to get more money like shipping fees!
  9. I think that the sellers who do that are in fact VAT registered and they have to charge the France VAT (15%) if the buyer is a EU resident, but if the buyer isn't then the auction price will be the final price (the buyer might have to pay custom fees or VAT in their country). Cyprus, when you buy from other EU countries you will have to pay VAT, but the amount depends on the VAT % of the country where you're ordering from. If you buy outside of EU you will pay VAT according to your country's VAT % (well, at least if your packet gets stuck at custom's)
  10. babelic is correct :yes: if you buy from private sellers they shouldn't charge you tax but if it's a business seller they often will due to being VAT registered.
  11. Actually it's a rip off because all purchases on ebay have the VAT included by him doing this he actually violates ebay rules. When you buy within the E.U you pay the VAT from the country you bought it from. One day all EU countries will have the same VAT. Even when he has a professional business he should include the VAT into his auction prices and not add them to the final price. It's true that when you buy from outside the EU you don't pay the countries VAT because you have to pay e.g. US VAT. I asked my dad about the whole issue and he owns a transport business where he does a lot of business within the EU and outside and he deals with VAT questions and dutie taxes on a daily basis. If ebay would find out about this seller doing this, he would get into trouble. I would never buy a single thing from hin because I don't appreciate it to be ripped off.
  12. actually you are allowed to charge VAT:

    Excessive Postage & Packaging Charges Policy